What is the story about?

Its a book about a Doctor who travels from his dimension Tarth to save planet Earth from the doom of 2012! In his dreams as a boy on Tarth he imagined that one day he could travel to other worlds! He became a scientist because on his planet science is politics and rules their planet! They are in tune with natural magic powers which all Tarthinians protect! They believe in the great scientist who constructed the universe in its wonder! Instead of Presidents they have Doctors who rule them! In order to ordain a Doctor you must eat the forbidden fruit of the great scientist! It is a chemical they have named the “Dream Drug”! This is a hallucinogenic drug that awakens the subconscious and translates it to a visual dream! You see your past lives and your intended destiny! Doctor Jonathan Booshka was of the family on Tarth that built an ancient knowledge stronghold called Academia! This old fortress is the center of all knowledge on Tarth and has every book ever written! This is the place we warrior monks train called Night Owls! These are the guardians of the knowledge and protectors of the secrets of the grand scientist! They hold a fragment of a document which holds the 13 truths of the cosmos! It is thus the beginning of Doctor Booshka and Jonny Starwood to find these fragments and travel dimensions to get the truths of the cosmos!


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