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The Annals of History

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From a transient dream I drifted down the flowing of time and space. I am not your messiah, that is for you to say. I have only come to heal your world of the sickness infecting it. Underneath the paradise you have so cleverly guised lives a race of people that plan to take back what they believe is theirs. They are the original inhabitants of your planet Terra. They originally had no bodies when they landed here from Mars. They had destroyed their home planet and came to earth to escape their own destruction of their planet. Mars was once called Atlantis and was the oasis of the milky way. The people of that planet had evolved over time to have no need for bodies. They could form anything and become it and they were just floating souls. Yet with every good thing comes and opposite or equal reaction. The Martians wanted to create god like bodies they called juggernauts. These machines were created by their slave race the primate. They soon discovered while mining for minerals that there was a special mineral on their planet called gold. Soon the primate slave force was increased and the age of work for a primate dropped to 13. Some of these primates cold communicate in the beginning but they evolved too. Soon primates were running away from the compounds and going deep into the forests starting their own primal villages. This angered their overseers the work camp so they began a war more like a killing field. They raided the main village of the primates and slaughtered every man, woman and child. Soon word spread of the massacre to the other slaves. Thus began the revolt against the Martians. Unknown to the Martians the primates had been gathering tools to fight a war. They waged war for 20 years and every year the primates became more humanoid. At then end of The Martian Wars as they were so called later own in the annals of history a ship was built to usher the Martians to the closest inhabitable planet which you call Earth. When the ship was to be boarded by the martians and planned attack by the humanoids allowed them to hijack the ship. Already pre-programed for earth the humanoids loaded up and left mars and left the Martians behind. Thus the dawn of the human age on earth and the downfall of the Martians. Now though the Martians have choosen a vessel which looks much like a reptile. They have built a massive empire underneath the planet. The Second War of the Martians is trying to be waged on our home planet. This is why I am here. I have a plan! I think….


Chapter 14: The Brink of Dual Times!

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May my final transmission reach you from Tarth! Time here flows differently then it does on Earth! In my last post I was a mere 20 years old! I have aged much since then and fought many battles! Now in my old age I have become the Doctor of Tarth and have created a rebellion order to decimate the Hive! The only problem is the Hive was not working alone! Doctor Jonathan Booshka was not the only one to travel to Earth! The Hive and your worlds Illuminate are one and the same! They have been working to take full control of both dimensions! They built a bridge to both worlds and have been stock piling weapons for a take over! We are entering full alert mode as our infiltrators get back with the information we need to make an attack on their arsenal! Don’t trust anyone you meet! The Hive is infiltrating earth and meeting up with key proponents in this battle! The Old Tarthian Prophecy states that once the two worlds Doctors reunite again the world will be brought together in a new harmony! I belive that the real Doctor Booshka will return in new form on Earth to finish the fight! I can only hope I survive the jump back to your world! I will be returning shortly to join my people of Earth in the last battle!

Chapter 13: The Secret Garden

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It is time to reveal my real purpose on your planet! I have come in order to find the souls of Adam and Eve!  The creator has forced me into a position where I must find these two and set their souls free! Once I can set their souls free we can all be free! They were the first sinners and they must be the last ones to die! After their souls are set free and are once at peace with the creator a new earth will emerge! Their is a battle which has been promised since the first bite of that forbidden fruit! We tasted knowledge and we wanted more! Our minds weren’t ready for what the creator had in store for us! We have forgotten what was promised to us! Do you think the creator didn’t already know we would eat the forbidden fruit! Why else would he make it forbidden! He has had a plan since the last experiment failed! He knew he had to test us in order to give us the power to create! We already have the power! Will you create?

Update: A funny thing happend on the way to the forum!

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Hello all, its Jonny Starwood! I know things are getting confusing and more intriguing but don’t worry!  This is the beginning of the end. The end will not be an end but a rebirth for humans! We are the lucky ones. At least if we are to believe what Doctor Booshka is saying. I am wary of what he says because the Bible talks about false prophets.  So I am going to give you guys some answers that Doctor Booshka revealed on the website I have no clue why he revealed the stuff he did on a forum and not on the blog but I know he is cooking something up good. I have faith in Doctor Booshka but when he does stuff like this it confuses me. He must be looking for other candidates! He told me there will be 11 other candidates with me that will be the first to get the keys to unlocking the universe. I really don’t understand the jibber he spits out sometimes. It’s a mixture of Doctor Who and a preacher. It’s funny because Doctor Booshka thinks Doctor Who was a prophecy of him coming to our world! Blah!Blah!Blah! Anyways here is a transcript of what was said on the forum:

For you do not have to believe! Follow the story though and maybe it will reveal something to you. Knowledge is interchangeable just as time and energy is. For some souls of this planet are very very old and some are very very new. Let us also not get confused with energy and the soul. These are two different things. The soul is a creation from the ultimate creator. We are all part of the great experiment. Should we be so stupid to deny science as a gift from the creator. He has given us the tools to understand but our own foolishness clouds our vision. We all follow paths that we define each day. We choose our own paths but there is grander path unto which all paths are governed under. I am trying my best to write humanely but I am not human. I am a humanoid though just like you. Humans though are what other species refer to earthlings. Our worlds diverged from the big bang as you would call it. Mars though was the first experiment which went horribly wrong. Though good did come out of the first experiment: angels. Though they are not what your mind would think them as. They are humanoids too. They though are more powerful then us for now. We have the same power but we cannot access these powers yet. For the creator second experiment was set up with rules and regulation. So here is what im trying to say to you. The first experiment was a failure in the creators eyes. He placed the angels which were good on what you call heaven. This place is where most of the souls bounce to when waiting for the day of accession. This was where the good of earth will stay until the creator calls the good to his dimension. The souls that have been deemed bad souls do go to “hell” but this is not the hell of the bible. The actual closest thing to hell really is Dante’s Inferno. I have never been there because to venture to this place is almost certain doom of the soul. Remember the soul cannot never be destroyed. Once a soul has been created it will never die. Though if you go to “hell” there is no wormhole out. This is where the creator punishes the wicked. For the rebellion of the Lucifer was as true as it is portrayed on earth. When God took Lucifer from the first experiment the creator had not known of the trickery he had already done. For the whole time it had been him that made the experiment a failure. He proclaimed that the creator had no power over him and he convinced many angels that this was true. The creator though is our ultimate authority and he is veritas! Do not confuse the creator with your human images of him. You would be a fool to say you have seen his face. No one has seen his face not even the angels. For if you see his face your soul will surely die and be sucked into the source. The source I speak of is the source of all life and all death. All energy is restored through the source. The source is not the creator! The creator is a being himself. No one not even the creator knows what or who is inside of the source. Though all will be revealed in time. I once again speak to much for you humans to understand now. Our worlds though are in danger! If you want to know more now then you must read from the start. Chapter 1 through Chapter 9…..this is your homework for tonight. I will answer questions at 2 am eastern standard time. So ask your questions now and I will respond to some of them at 2. I will not answer questions to new souls those who refuse to believe. My feelings are different then yours so you can’t hurt me. Don’t bother in trying to dissuade what I say. I only want people to respond who want to learn of my path. I reject no religion nor embrace a single one. All have a part to the puzzle. It just takes someone to put them together.

– Doctor Jonathan Booshka

Chapter 6: A Current Event with Dr. Booshka

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I have made it to your world! Currently I am traveling in China on my way to Russia. I am spreading the word that I have discovered as truth. Your world is in doom! I know why I am suppose to be here at least at this time. We can save the world but all it takes is your help. Jonny Starwood has created a forum by my request. I ask you to use your imagination and create a new world. You are the generation that is going to face the real chance of apocalypse. The count down is 2012. That is the year we have to create a new world. Its all in your hands. Follow Jonny Starwood and I as we venture down the rabbit hole into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. The quest for the veritas box is our destiny. We hold the key but you are the lantern.

-Dr. Booshka

Chapter 1: The Times Are Changing

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Last night I was assaulted by a man claiming he had to kill me because he was ordered by an organization I had never heard of. His attempt was unsuccessful obviously thanks to my extensive training from when I was in Emerican Militia. I am starting to wonder if the reason I was attacked is because they want me gone. They want the Electric Circus to them self’s. I can see my world changing. After the devastation of our world in 2012 we built a better world. Now it seems that dark forces are gathering in my world. Oh I almost forgot to mention The Blades. I met with the organization which contacted me about the electric circus being a way to access a portal to cross into your world. I met the only man to have ever crossed over intentionally. He still lives here training people like me about the world. He also told me where to look for this device and told me when it would be there. I am starting to think everything is connected and we are on the brink of a major collision of our worlds. We are standing in the fabrics of time and I hope we don’t rip.


Greetings from the Wasteland!

Greetings from the Wasteland!