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Chapter 14: The Brink of Dual Times!

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May my final transmission reach you from Tarth! Time here flows differently then it does on Earth! In my last post I was a mere 20 years old! I have aged much since then and fought many battles! Now in my old age I have become the Doctor of Tarth and have created a rebellion order to decimate the Hive! The only problem is the Hive was not working alone! Doctor Jonathan Booshka was not the only one to travel to Earth! The Hive and your worlds Illuminate are one and the same! They have been working to take full control of both dimensions! They built a bridge to both worlds and have been stock piling weapons for a take over! We are entering full alert mode as our infiltrators get back with the information we need to make an attack on their arsenal! Don’t trust anyone you meet! The Hive is infiltrating earth and meeting up with key proponents in this battle! The Old Tarthian Prophecy states that once the two worlds Doctors reunite again the world will be brought together in a new harmony! I belive that the real Doctor Booshka will return in new form on Earth to finish the fight! I can only hope I survive the jump back to your world! I will be returning shortly to join my people of Earth in the last battle!


Chapter 12: The Ending of all Endings

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I saw the vision of the future while I was attending Bonnaroo Music Festival! The gathering of the knowing! Though Doctor Jonathan Thomas Booshka has been dead for awhile now I still believe his words as truth! I have taken on his battle to wage a war on the evil of this world! This is the beginning of the age of the new dawn! We have been blinded because the light has been hid by clouds! Soon the sun will peak his head above the clouds and shine down upon the knowing! The we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free! We will not deny our souls anymore for we have always been immortal! We have always been free! Will you accept the veritas of the situation?

                                                                -Doctor Jonathan Edward Booshka

Chapter 10: The Abominable Tarthinian!

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I am sure at some point in your life you have wondered if bigfoot did exist! Well he does so you could put your mind to rest! I know one and his name is Frolick Wright! He is of the race Yetinos!

A picture of what Frolick looks like!


The Yetinos are a creation carried over from “The First Experiment”.  The creator created this species to carry out special missions usually involving protection for the angels! They are basically a special ops team which are masters at hiding! They are here and they are on Tarth! This species is the only species with the ability to travel between both worlds at their own free will! The problem with their transport is that it erases your memory of the other world! To return back is to learn of this world and then find the clues hidden by their ancient elders! These clues are also sought after by The Hive on my planet and the Illuminati on yours!

Frolick is a good friend of my family! He protected my grandfather from a bear in the Tundra of Tarth! Ever since then we have been the only family on Tarth to communicate and understand their language! Many men have hunted my family for the knowledge we hold of the Yetinos! These creatures are very few indeed now for the creator said their race will last as long as the Twins hang in the heavens!  I have interpreted this to men Earth and Tarth will be destroyed and New Earth will come! The Yetinos will be restored on the New Earth just as all souls who believe in the creator! These creatures must be protected now for if they were to be revealed then the government would take his knowledge! The only human friends they have or had were the Native Americans and some other Native tribes in Nepal! They granted few the knowledge the Booshka family has attained! I must go now for I am traveling! Something went wrong last night and I now cannot reveal my location! My revelation will be told on June 11,2010! Be prepared!

– Doctor Jonathan Booshka