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The Annals of History

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From a transient dream I drifted down the flowing of time and space. I am not your messiah, that is for you to say. I have only come to heal your world of the sickness infecting it. Underneath the paradise you have so cleverly guised lives a race of people that plan to take back what they believe is theirs. They are the original inhabitants of your planet Terra. They originally had no bodies when they landed here from Mars. They had destroyed their home planet and came to earth to escape their own destruction of their planet. Mars was once called Atlantis and was the oasis of the milky way. The people of that planet had evolved over time to have no need for bodies. They could form anything and become it and they were just floating souls. Yet with every good thing comes and opposite or equal reaction. The Martians wanted to create god like bodies they called juggernauts. These machines were created by their slave race the primate. They soon discovered while mining for minerals that there was a special mineral on their planet called gold. Soon the primate slave force was increased and the age of work for a primate dropped to 13. Some of these primates cold communicate in the beginning but they evolved too. Soon primates were running away from the compounds and going deep into the forests starting their own primal villages. This angered their overseers the work camp so they began a war more like a killing field. They raided the main village of the primates and slaughtered every man, woman and child. Soon word spread of the massacre to the other slaves. Thus began the revolt against the Martians. Unknown to the Martians the primates had been gathering tools to fight a war. They waged war for 20 years and every year the primates became more humanoid. At then end of The Martian Wars as they were so called later own in the annals of history a ship was built to usher the Martians to the closest inhabitable planet which you call Earth. When the ship was to be boarded by the martians and planned attack by the humanoids allowed them to hijack the ship. Already pre-programed for earth the humanoids loaded up and left mars and left the Martians behind. Thus the dawn of the human age on earth and the downfall of the Martians. Now though the Martians have choosen a vessel which looks much like a reptile. They have built a massive empire underneath the planet. The Second War of the Martians is trying to be waged on our home planet. This is why I am here. I have a plan! I think….


Chapter 7: Origins of Tarth

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Would you like to know the history of Tarth. First we must discuss how modern Tarth became an advanced civilization. This all starts on October 28th, 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Pennsylvania. If you have ever heard of The Philadelphia Experiment then you might be familiar with the story of a Navy ship dissipating and reappearing at the shipyard. The story though is much deeper. Albert Einstein was part of a secret sect of scientists and intellectuals called The Knowing. This group was started by Nikola Tesla in 1921 with other famous people of his era. Including Thomas Edison despite their rivalry. Tesla himself was of Tarthian decent. The only person he revealed that to was Einstein. No known facts on how Tesla’s family arrived here but I am assuming a wormhole. This is where the story gets strange.

Nikola Tesla and the Knowing had been working on a plan to outfit a Navy ship with a conduit that could emit enough energy to open a wormhole and pass through it unharmed. The problem though was they could get the wormhole open but if any object touched the machine while in transport they would meld into it. Not much is known what element they discovered which would inact those effects but eventually they created a ship named the U.S.S. Eldridge. This ship was going to make one mission to Tarth exchanging a box called the Veritas Box which contained all of human history. The Knowing created another box with instructions how to do the same so that earth could learn about Tarth.

Tesla died before ever seeing his ship built or the experiment go off. No one knew of his connection to it or the knowings involvement. The ship left earth on that fateful October day and eneterd the sea of oris on Tarth. The ship flashed with a green light and was engulfed by fog. The ship had transported successfully. They spend a year sailing different ports and eventually made it to the capital city to give them the Veritas Box. On July 4th in Tarth they set sail and tried to return to Earth. Sadly though many of the men did not make it back and a number of them were melded into the ship.

This is the beginning of the timeline for modern tarth. This spark engulfed our planet and it was on fire with discovery. This may not have been the literal creation of Tarth but it definitely gave us a push. I am still learning of your worlds involvement with Tarth and I am learning alot. Keep following the story to learn more!!!!!

2012: A Warning from a Scientist!

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Is this the end of the world as we know it! Your worlds scientist have issued a warning that a solar flare of some sorts could knock your satellites out. Are you going to listen to my warning when I announce what I have to announce! The world is ending! We are the only one who can save it!

-Dr. Booshka

Jonny Starwood Update #4: Dr. Booshka is Coming!

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So I didn’t win the lottery and I didn’t finish hiking the Appalachian trail. Who cares? I thought I would be more upset in myself like I usually am in failure but I am not this time. For some reason I have this feeling that everything is going to be alright. Maybe that ride I have been waiting on is on its way! Maybe the ride we have all been waiting for is on his way. Dr. Booshka though has stopped contacting me. I don’t know why. I think I am scared that everyone is going to fall in love with Dr. Booshka and forget about Jonny Starwood. Do you even really care about me! I don’t care what you think honestly. I am young and I have the will to believe in whatever I want to believe in. Thats the power of self creation. We don’t have to bend ourselves to the rules that we are supposed to follow. Maybe its time we stop bending and start creating! I wanna believe in a world where everyone has the freedom to do what they want to do. I think the biggest thing I realized is money means nothing. The American dream of getting money and it making you happy is a lie. The dream that going to a university will get you loads of money is a lie. Maybe one day we will end our run to becoming an idiot nation or we rise up and embrace our destiny. The destiny of creation!!!!!!!!

P.S. I went to Raleigh with promises of a party and I hoped there I could find the American Dream. I asked and probed and my next update will be a video series with a message of hope!

-Dr. Booshka

-Jonny Starwood

Chapter 6: Exploring a world of Fear…

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I understand now why so many people are sad in your world. It seems like everyone is telling you no and all you wanna do is say yes. Maybe thats the right way to live. Maybe we have it all wrong that we have to have some sort of government or religion to dictate our lives. Maybe we lost the meaning of religion and government. They originated as ways to live a better life but now they have taken on a new meaning. Corporatist capitals with money laundering churchs. Wash away your sins at the alter of politics. We cannot fight the infection so we must rise up against the infected. No longer will we listen to the brainwashings of your worlds leaders and my worlds leaders. From now on we fight a common enemy. If your not for us your against us! The lines are being created so I hope when you see the line your on the right side!

With Love,
Dr. Booshka

Jonny Starwood Update #3: How I got lost in the woods or How I found myself in the woods!

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Tonight has been a special night for me. I have come to the conclusion that I can’t save the world. Maybe thats why I am so happy. The guilt that the world’s doom is my fault and that if I don’t do something the world will explode! Maybe its the fear that I will explode. I don’t really know. I do know this though dream is destiny. I have a dream that the world will live in hope that we can create a better place. Its the stink of this place we call America that really gets to me. The stink that one man can change the world. I think maybe Obama is realizing what kind of mess we are really in. Maybe its not the politicians that are corrupt but the people that put the money into the politicians. I can see Obama now sitting in the room with Hillary and other candidates really believing he could change the world. Then someone whispered in his ear and said “You want to change the world and get elected you got to let us endorse you” November 5th rolls around and the people who got him elected are like, “Now that your presidented and we got you elected and all you got to do some stuff for us”. This is the downfall of the american people. The believe that money will fix everything. That is why I play the lottery. The chance that any random American can have the chance at billions of dollars. I think maybe we play so we can get out of our old lifes. Make a new one because we have the money! I know I am going to win! Is that a bad prophecy. In some way loads of money will come my way and I will have the choice to live the star life. Will I choose it? No I will not! I will create something with it that will change the world. The power in self rather then the power in nothing. I will be rich by accident and people will wonder why me. Then they will see what I create and realize wow this dude did something! Maybe I will just die here on the Appalachian trail and no one will ever remember me. No that is not whats going to happen. I have a long hike to the next town so I will keep you updated. Maybe with this powerball ticket I bought tonight I will win or my dream will fade to the wastelands and my dreams will be sucked dry from me while I wait for the ride out of here. Maybe destiny isn’t real and Dr. Booshka is just some crazy guy with an idea. I think though thats how life starts. A dream and the realization that your dream got you somewhere. I guess only time will tell my friends!

-Jonny Starwood

I am the scribe!

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I guess Dr. Booshka owes his moderate success from me. I am of course the famous author J.E. Weaver. If you haven’t read my books then you are among the majority. I haven’t wrote a book ever. I think maybe its because I as an author am scared of the fear. So out of my fear I write. Dr. Booshka is the one man who gave me hope in my ideas. Im writing a sermon for the lost. I see the future and I think through Dr. Booshka we can achieve the dream that we have all been dreaming. The dream of freedom. If you dream of being free from your dead end job or your wasteful life then follow me as I follow Dr. Booshka. In the sense of following I mean read my articles and posts. I am currently writing the book for Dr. Booshka so I will update this blog with excerpts from the book. Remember the name J.E. Weaver!

Excerpt Chapter 1: Introductions and Goodbyes

Hello there! I am J.E. Weaver. I am the person who is going to guide you through Dr. Booshka’s world. At various times through this story I will put my own input on things. I am telling you this so it won’t confuse you. I want you to take this book somewhere safe and just believe in the story. Dr. Booshka has has explained to me how to write this book. In every way detailed in his journals waiting for someone to reveal his world. I cannot explain to you properly who Dr. Booshka is because as I write this book I do not know exactly who he is either. I hope that as Dr. Booshka shows me his world and reveals to me what to write, you will follow. Follow me down the rabbit hole to a place where on the imagination can grasp what its like. So let us begin this journey as so many other witers have begun there stories:

Once upon a time in a world far far away lived a boy. He lived with his mother and father on the planet Tarth. Down below the stars, below the gasses making up Tarth’s atmosphere was the boy Dr. Booshka gazing up with his dad at the stars far off in other worlds. “You see that star there, Jon! Thats the brightest star in our whole galaxy Polarium”, explained Professor Booshka. “One day dad I am going to go to Polarium and wave back to you dad. So when you look at those other worlds you can see me waving back to you! I hope you do that son. My hope is that one day it won’t be just you waving back but millions of people waving back. One day son you will be up in the stars. That for sure is not just a dream of mine but a prophecy. “Dad I know you will,” whispered the little Booshka.

Dr. Booshka watched his dad create his planets first space program. He grew up from the little boy who watched his dad dream and succede to attending the most prestigious school in his country, Academia. This was more than just a school it was a Town of Knowledge as they called it. This was where people from all around the world of Tarth would come to study and create. Most inventors of the world go there to train. Dr. Booshka’s father was an inventor too who attented this school. In fact the whole reason Dr. Booshka got accepted to this school was to become an inventor like his dad and to help furthur his fathers research. This is not what Dr. Booshkas wanted in his life. He was a dreamer and dreamed of being an explorer of different worlds and writing books. He was not fascinated with building rockets too circle Tarth and give people with money the chance to get a cool picture. The thing with writers in his world is that it is illegal to write unless it is a text book. Free thought is shunned by his societies religious government. The Hive got there name from finding an ancient metal box hidden under a mountain. The words Hive was written everywhere and documents and ways to live life were found. It was almost like thats what sparked our knowledge revolution in Emerica. This is the name the Tarthians have come to call their nation since it was written in the metal box to call it that. Its still a very controversial subject among Tarthian because they believe in freedom. They think the ideas of The Hive are too severe…