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Doctor Booshka is alive!

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This is a transcript of a phone conversation between reporter Timothy Wain and Doctor Booshka March 24, 2012:

Timothy: Hello there Doctor, how have you been?

Booshka: The movement has gone underground in preparation for the coming war.

Timothy: What is this war you speak of Doctor?

Booshka: The time-lines have all lead to a global war! I saw every conclusion and died in everyone. Now we go underground to preserve the righteous.

Timothy: Who are the righteous that you speak of?

Booshka: The righteous will find their way. Where the lions lay with lamb and a place where there is no hive. We will survive!

End Transcript


We will report any more information we receive on Doctor Booshka! Report your own sightings in the comment section.


Chapter 6: A Current Event with Dr. Booshka

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I have made it to your world! Currently I am traveling in China on my way to Russia. I am spreading the word that I have discovered as truth. Your world is in doom! I know why I am suppose to be here at least at this time. We can save the world but all it takes is your help. Jonny Starwood has created a forum by my request. I ask you to use your imagination and create a new world. You are the generation that is going to face the real chance of apocalypse. The count down is 2012. That is the year we have to create a new world. Its all in your hands. Follow Jonny Starwood and I as we venture down the rabbit hole into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. The quest for the veritas box is our destiny. We hold the key but you are the lantern.

-Dr. Booshka

Chapter 4: How I found the doctor or the doctor found me?

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It seems I have inherited this blog from some crazy nut job who thinks he is a doctor. Sounds like this guy needs to take his medication. What the hell am I suppose to do here? Does he want me to say the world we be a better place if you believe in your dreams. I don’t think the world is like that. It seems all my dreams just get dashed by greedy people trying to suck people souls dry. Everyone is out for themselves and who cares if the world blows up on the way we are all going to die. I guess for the sake of this mans dying wish I will try to do my best to write on this blog. Maybe the world just needs more Dr. Booshkas and less of The Hive?

-Jonny Starwood

Chapter 2: The End is Here!

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We are entering a time of war. Last night a man claiming he was sent directly from The Hive tried to kill me. He shot his firegon at me but for some reason I was transported to the wastes. I don’t know if this is a sign from destiny or if I am being protected by something else. I was wrong though to ever assume there was any good in The Hive. I went there this morning to ask if they had really tried to killed me. There answer of course was as if they didn’t even know who I was. They are scared of the Academia growing with more power. They also know that Academia is the closest it has ever been to finding the Veritas box. In fact we are mounting an expedition to go to the ruins of Old City. Its is a 3 day ride on an e-horse so we should have more information soon. Keep following me!


Chapter 1: The Times Are Changing

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Last night I was assaulted by a man claiming he had to kill me because he was ordered by an organization I had never heard of. His attempt was unsuccessful obviously thanks to my extensive training from when I was in Emerican Militia. I am starting to wonder if the reason I was attacked is because they want me gone. They want the Electric Circus to them self’s. I can see my world changing. After the devastation of our world in 2012 we built a better world. Now it seems that dark forces are gathering in my world. Oh I almost forgot to mention The Blades. I met with the organization which contacted me about the electric circus being a way to access a portal to cross into your world. I met the only man to have ever crossed over intentionally. He still lives here training people like me about the world. He also told me where to look for this device and told me when it would be there. I am starting to think everything is connected and we are on the brink of a major collision of our worlds. We are standing in the fabrics of time and I hope we don’t rip.


Greetings from the Wasteland!

Greetings from the Wasteland!