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Doctor Booshka is alive!

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This is a transcript of a phone conversation between reporter Timothy Wain and Doctor Booshka March 24, 2012:

Timothy: Hello there Doctor, how have you been?

Booshka: The movement has gone underground in preparation for the coming war.

Timothy: What is this war you speak of Doctor?

Booshka: The time-lines have all lead to a global war! I saw every conclusion and died in everyone. Now we go underground to preserve the righteous.

Timothy: Who are the righteous that you speak of?

Booshka: The righteous will find their way. Where the lions lay with lamb and a place where there is no hive. We will survive!

End Transcript


We will report any more information we receive on Doctor Booshka! Report your own sightings in the comment section.


The Annals of History

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From a transient dream I drifted down the flowing of time and space. I am not your messiah, that is for you to say. I have only come to heal your world of the sickness infecting it. Underneath the paradise you have so cleverly guised lives a race of people that plan to take back what they believe is theirs. They are the original inhabitants of your planet Terra. They originally had no bodies when they landed here from Mars. They had destroyed their home planet and came to earth to escape their own destruction of their planet. Mars was once called Atlantis and was the oasis of the milky way. The people of that planet had evolved over time to have no need for bodies. They could form anything and become it and they were just floating souls. Yet with every good thing comes and opposite or equal reaction. The Martians wanted to create god like bodies they called juggernauts. These machines were created by their slave race the primate. They soon discovered while mining for minerals that there was a special mineral on their planet called gold. Soon the primate slave force was increased and the age of work for a primate dropped to 13. Some of these primates cold communicate in the beginning but they evolved too. Soon primates were running away from the compounds and going deep into the forests starting their own primal villages. This angered their overseers the work camp so they began a war more like a killing field. They raided the main village of the primates and slaughtered every man, woman and child. Soon word spread of the massacre to the other slaves. Thus began the revolt against the Martians. Unknown to the Martians the primates had been gathering tools to fight a war. They waged war for 20 years and every year the primates became more humanoid. At then end of The Martian Wars as they were so called later own in the annals of history a ship was built to usher the Martians to the closest inhabitable planet which you call Earth. When the ship was to be boarded by the martians and planned attack by the humanoids allowed them to hijack the ship. Already pre-programed for earth the humanoids loaded up and left mars and left the Martians behind. Thus the dawn of the human age on earth and the downfall of the Martians. Now though the Martians have choosen a vessel which looks much like a reptile. They have built a massive empire underneath the planet. The Second War of the Martians is trying to be waged on our home planet. This is why I am here. I have a plan! I think….

Chapter 6: A Current Event with Dr. Booshka

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I have made it to your world! Currently I am traveling in China on my way to Russia. I am spreading the word that I have discovered as truth. Your world is in doom! I know why I am suppose to be here at least at this time. We can save the world but all it takes is your help. Jonny Starwood has created a forum by my request. I ask you to use your imagination and create a new world. You are the generation that is going to face the real chance of apocalypse. The count down is 2012. That is the year we have to create a new world. Its all in your hands. Follow Jonny Starwood and I as we venture down the rabbit hole into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. The quest for the veritas box is our destiny. We hold the key but you are the lantern.

-Dr. Booshka

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wasteland!

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Dear Earth,

I am all knowing. I am everywhere yet nowhere. No one can comprehend my mental environment.I am of course Doctor Jonathan Booshka and I have a story that needs to be told. It is a story of love and adventure. Also though it is a tragic tale and a warning. This story must be told to ensure the future of the human race. If you choose to follow this tale you too can join “the knowing”and our search to find the Veritas box. Do not worry if some of this doesn’t make sense because it will. Only few can join and understand the secrets that will unlock the universe and the mind. Entrancing I know, but only few will make it through this story. Will you be a hero and follow me on an adventure through time and space or will you turn your back on me and turn to salt. I know your itching for more so I shall appeal your hunger. Let us begin this tale with some background history on myself.

In a land not so much like your own lived a young boy named Jonathan Booshka. He was entranced by the fascinating world of flashing lights and fancy machines of the city. He dreamed of one day owning a circus of lights that he could entrance the world and astound audiences. He failed at his dream of  becoming a ring leader and instead took a job as a fancy machine operator in New City,New City. Everyday of his life became mundane. At the age of 19 he decided to go to Academia in Jefferson,Firjina. He studied day in and day out till nothing but studies consumed his life. After he graduated from Academia he went on to be a Doctor in Visual Illusionary. One day while wandering the wasteland he found a tiny glowing square about the size of a visual box. He studied it for years until he became tired of finding nothing new about this glowing square. Until one day he decided to put electricity to it and wahhhh-lahhhhh. He was amazed at the glowing screen which showed images and sounds and animals that he had never seen before. What he was staring at was what he now knows as being a laptop. It was a connection portal to your world. He has been contacting people via email for years learning from professors and enthusiast alike and he has been learning. Some of the scholars in your worlds Universities believe that his world is a parallel world to your world.  This is why I urge you to listen to my story. You must listen to my story. Our worlds are in trouble and we are the only ones who can stop. Will you join this fable?

-Dr. Booshka