The Annals of History

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From a transient dream I drifted down the flowing of time and space. I am not your messiah, that is for you to say. I have only come to heal your world of the sickness infecting it. Underneath the paradise you have so cleverly guised lives a race of people that plan to take back what they believe is theirs. They are the original inhabitants of your planet Terra. They originally had no bodies when they landed here from Mars. They had destroyed their home planet and came to earth to escape their own destruction of their planet. Mars was once called Atlantis and was the oasis of the milky way. The people of that planet had evolved over time to have no need for bodies. They could form anything and become it and they were just floating souls. Yet with every good thing comes and opposite or equal reaction. The Martians wanted to create god like bodies they called juggernauts. These machines were created by their slave race the primate. They soon discovered while mining for minerals that there was a special mineral on their planet called gold. Soon the primate slave force was increased and the age of work for a primate dropped to 13. Some of these primates cold communicate in the beginning but they evolved too. Soon primates were running away from the compounds and going deep into the forests starting their own primal villages. This angered their overseers the work camp so they began a war more like a killing field. They raided the main village of the primates and slaughtered every man, woman and child. Soon word spread of the massacre to the other slaves. Thus began the revolt against the Martians. Unknown to the Martians the primates had been gathering tools to fight a war. They waged war for 20 years and every year the primates became more humanoid. At then end of The Martian Wars as they were so called later own in the annals of history a ship was built to usher the Martians to the closest inhabitable planet which you call Earth. When the ship was to be boarded by the martians and planned attack by the humanoids allowed them to hijack the ship. Already pre-programed for earth the humanoids loaded up and left mars and left the Martians behind. Thus the dawn of the human age on earth and the downfall of the Martians. Now though the Martians have choosen a vessel which looks much like a reptile. They have built a massive empire underneath the planet. The Second War of the Martians is trying to be waged on our home planet. This is why I am here. I have a plan! I think….


The Day of Ragnarök

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We sipped from the serpents cup underneath thy tree of life. Two kings and Two Queens forever roam the earth. Lest they be gods and goddesses or mere mortal they walk thy Terra. Underneath the feet of the children of the universe comes forth the code to write history. Sleeping inside of the machine their thoughts project a universe. We live in their command but one had sinned and awakened again. When he awoke he found his fathers kingdom on an island of paradise. They called this place Atlantis and it was our creators first world. When the King entered he began to corrupt his fathers paradise with the idea of freewill. In his power he led a rebellion and destroyed poor Atlantis. She wept as the waters of the open sea swallowed her daughter. How beautiful was this paradise which sinks beneath the face of the mother. When Atlantis was destroyed the King left and found another world to corrupt. And so he runs this matrix we live in programming our codes. It is said though in ancient lore the other siblings will awaken. When they find each other they will write a code that will last for infinity. When they speak they will have the power to delete the virus and the programs running our world. In when they do that they can awaken everyone to write their own code and then have their own control. This will be the day of


The Last BattleP.S. For the ones who have followed Doctor Booshka then you know of the easter eggs hidden within the writings. Have fun following the story. More to come this summer!

Chapter 15: The Point of Convergence

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I have joined a new group! They call themselves “The Time Underground” and they are growing each day! Apparently this group is working in the present to effect changes on the future timeline. The main purpose is to avert the prophetic end times! We get sent on missions by the leader of the group who gives us a packet and a ticket! We get to the location and all we usually have to do is talk to someone! We open people’s minds who need to be open! Then we let them in on the multiple timeline theory and try to get them on the good side! From what I have gathered this next mission I am going on is important! I need to be at a pub in Scotland on Wednesday of this week! This person I am meeting is a time slipper. This power could be used as a crucial device in the coming war between the Hive! More info coming soon!

Chapter 15: A look in the mirror!

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How long has it been since I stepped on this journey with Doctor Booshka! I thought I would start writing a blog about this crazy guy I met on the internet! He told me he was a time traveler and that I would save the world! His name was Doctor Jonathan Booshka and he said he could cure my ailment! My cousin killed himself when I was young and left a scar on my heart! Death seems to drip everywhere we walk and I couldn’t understand how anyone would want this beautiful world to end! Then I went on this crazy adventure and wound up embracing life with everything it had to offer! I began to train under Doctor Booshka’s wisdom and began to meta morph into something wonderful! Then after he had trained me he left back to his own world! He said by 2010 you would be able to look into the mirror and see the Doctor again! Now I look into the mirror and see Doctor Booshka and realize that I have been Doctor Booshka this whole time! How long have I been in a paradox! How will I escape this circle. I leave for Scotland soon. I hope to have more answers once I met with a man who may hold many answers! I pray I can gather my time traveling mind together!

Chapter 14: The Brink of Dual Times!

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May my final transmission reach you from Tarth! Time here flows differently then it does on Earth! In my last post I was a mere 20 years old! I have aged much since then and fought many battles! Now in my old age I have become the Doctor of Tarth and have created a rebellion order to decimate the Hive! The only problem is the Hive was not working alone! Doctor Jonathan Booshka was not the only one to travel to Earth! The Hive and your worlds Illuminate are one and the same! They have been working to take full control of both dimensions! They built a bridge to both worlds and have been stock piling weapons for a take over! We are entering full alert mode as our infiltrators get back with the information we need to make an attack on their arsenal! Don’t trust anyone you meet! The Hive is infiltrating earth and meeting up with key proponents in this battle! The Old Tarthian Prophecy states that once the two worlds Doctors reunite again the world will be brought together in a new harmony! I belive that the real Doctor Booshka will return in new form on Earth to finish the fight! I can only hope I survive the jump back to your world! I will be returning shortly to join my people of Earth in the last battle!

Chapter 14: I find myself in the Hives nest!

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I am now on the other side! On my planet I was just a crazy conspiracy theorist and now I am being told I am a messiah of Tarth! When I arrived in Doctor Booshka’a world I landed in the middle of their capital city of their empire! Apparently it has been 200 years since Doctor Booshka left and the evil Hive has been conquered! Now it is a New Republic and is guarded by a constitution similar to our own! They have a one world government now ruled by Four Kings who take Four Queens to rule the world! They represent the winds and the counter winds! So does the north wind blow south the east wind blow west as they say here! I am being trained in knowledge that is beyond my human mind it seems! Our worlds are very different yet the people here seem so familiar! In a sense they seem too human to be a different world! I study them everyday trying to see if these people are in anyway different from us earthians! I realize that they are just really two alternate times! Even the shape of the earth and the way the plates are lined are just the same! The only thing really different hear is that the moon is their only light source! It burns twice as bright as our moon but is still so dark! I miss the sun but the world here is lighted brightly all the time with electronic lights! I will continue to try and transmit this data using the devices on their planet!

-Doctor Jonny Booshka

What happens in a dream?

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It all starts when you shut your eyes! In my case it was more like falling from the top of a waterfall! Welcome to the dead world where everyone floats! In order for me and Doctor Booshka to continue to exist one of us had to die! He is better off in my world right now! It is time for me to venture into his world and she if I can be A doctor for the people that need it! I won’t run away from my responsibilities! For now I have become Doctor Jonathan Edward Booshka! Maybe I can use his name to become a real Doctor on this planet! I will edge my sword as close as I can get and I will do good for the sake of my earth and his Bon Terra! May we see each other on the other-side!