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I remember waking up in a fever sweat the day the games started. It wasn’t like the nights before of excitement and intrigue but a feeling of utter sickness. I knew David would be up early checking his gear and grabbing the first plate in the breakfast line. For some reason this morning I felt dread running through my body as if it were some sort of warning system. As I pulled the sweaty white shirt I wore to bed off and slipped on my haptic suit I heard a voice echoing in my head. The voice was inaudible at first but tuned itself. “Can you hear men,Daniel?” the voice rang around my brain. It was inside my head and actually sounded like another human rather than the voices I often have heard in my head. This was not my inner brain tricking me but someone communicating to me. And fancy it that the voice be female. “Daniel, I only have a brief point to give you a message! We need you to wake up. This world you believe is real is false. The game goes much deeper than you know. I am losing transmission….”. The voice faded out and I was left with a feeling I had never felt before. What did she mean by this world being fake? These questions would need more time to answer because the 10 minute alarm was blaring which meant for all of us to meet in the grand hall. I made it there with 1 minute to spare as I and the other straggler made their way there.

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I have returned!

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It has been some time since I have communicated to this time line. I have been working very hard to restore time-lines in more than a hundred universes. This has not been an easy job and I must admit I could not save every universe. When I last left you I was a rambling mad man who had not breached the other side. Once I reached the players club  I became a hero, but what I thought was an opportunity became a matter of pain. The players club as I call it was a place where souls reach the last level of humanity. Once a soul has ascended in any universe it becomes a programmer. We write the code for the universe and do what we think is right. Turns out that even a good code still can be corrupted. I have seen whole world die and it has led me to Earth-2. Your earth. This is the oldest universe still alive. You can still see the first earth from your planet. With each universe you have two chances, The first experiment and the second experiment. The earth you live in is the second experiment of the first universe. You are the only chance we have. I have returned to this place to preserve what will be left of the human race. This will be the greatest experiment of all.  I can only hope we have time to upload the code.

-Doctor Booshka

1.4 The Invitation to Paradyce

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1.4 The Invitation to Paradyce.

Doctor Booshka on Hiatus for Now

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This blog was an my first try at creating what I’ve coined a Blook. I am currently working on a new Blook called “The Game of Daniel”. Doctor Booshka is not dead but I am currently going to focus on the new story I am writing. Once I get some time I will be writing a new Doctor Booshka story. Thanks to all who followed this and I hope you will take a look at the new blook and subscribe.

Chapter 14: I find myself in the Hives nest!

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I am now on the other side! On my planet I was just a crazy conspiracy theorist and now I am being told I am a messiah of Tarth! When I arrived in Doctor Booshka’a world I landed in the middle of their capital city of their empire! Apparently it has been 200 years since Doctor Booshka left and the evil Hive has been conquered! Now it is a New Republic and is guarded by a constitution similar to our own! They have a one world government now ruled by Four Kings who take Four Queens to rule the world! They represent the winds and the counter winds! So does the north wind blow south the east wind blow west as they say here! I am being trained in knowledge that is beyond my human mind it seems! Our worlds are very different yet the people here seem so familiar! In a sense they seem too human to be a different world! I study them everyday trying to see if these people are in anyway different from us earthians! I realize that they are just really two alternate times! Even the shape of the earth and the way the plates are lined are just the same! The only thing really different hear is that the moon is their only light source! It burns twice as bright as our moon but is still so dark! I miss the sun but the world here is lighted brightly all the time with electronic lights! I will continue to try and transmit this data using the devices on their planet!

-Doctor Jonny Booshka

What happens in a dream?

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It all starts when you shut your eyes! In my case it was more like falling from the top of a waterfall! Welcome to the dead world where everyone floats! In order for me and Doctor Booshka to continue to exist one of us had to die! He is better off in my world right now! It is time for me to venture into his world and she if I can be A doctor for the people that need it! I won’t run away from my responsibilities! For now I have become Doctor Jonathan Edward Booshka! Maybe I can use his name to become a real Doctor on this planet! I will edge my sword as close as I can get and I will do good for the sake of my earth and his Bon Terra! May we see each other on the other-side!

The End of Jonny Starwoods World

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I could see the fiery blaze in front of me! I didn’t think killing myself would be this hard! I can’t stop remembering everyone in this world and most importantly Bella! I had forgotten the girl who kissed me first! Why would I wanna leave this place! I wanna meet her again and show her I have changed! She meet me when I was just a boy training to be someone! Now I have the opportunity to go to another world but I would rather stay with my Bella! I need my Bella again! Not the last two Bella’s but another one of my Bella’s! I have had many who could have been a soul mate but I need to find someone before I jump of this cliff! High above the world I can see the the water running of the edge hitting rocks on the bottom! I am but a speck on this planet with no opportunity or chances! Could I be someone on the next planet! Doctor Booshka had already jumped and it was me who needed to jump into a “portal”! What if he was wrong and he is tricking me into killing myself! What if he was actually the bad guy and had led me to my death! Oh well I said as I backed up and began to run! “Jonny….Don’t jump I love you”! I turned as I had jumped to see the most beautiful woman running behind me to jump too! Shit I think I just started something I can’t finish! We are dying on the fall! See you on the otherside I proclaimed!