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I remember waking up in a fever sweat the day the games started. It wasn’t like the nights before of excitement and intrigue but a feeling of utter sickness. I knew David would be up early checking his gear and grabbing the first plate in the breakfast line. For some reason this morning I felt dread running through my body as if it were some sort of warning system. As I pulled the sweaty white shirt I wore to bed off and slipped on my haptic suit I heard a voice echoing in my head. The voice was inaudible at first but tuned itself. “Can you hear men,Daniel?” the voice rang around my brain. It was inside my head and actually sounded like another human rather than the voices I often have heard in my head. This was not my inner brain tricking me but someone communicating to me. And fancy it that the voice be female. “Daniel, I only have a brief point to give you a message! We need you to wake up. This world you believe is real is false. The game goes much deeper than you know. I am losing transmission….”. The voice faded out and I was left with a feeling I had never felt before. What did she mean by this world being fake? These questions would need more time to answer because the 10 minute alarm was blaring which meant for all of us to meet in the grand hall. I made it there with 1 minute to spare as I and the other straggler made their way there.

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I have returned!

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It has been some time since I have communicated to this time line. I have been working very hard to restore time-lines in more than a hundred universes. This has not been an easy job and I must admit I could not save every universe. When I last left you I was a rambling mad man who had not breached the other side. Once I reached the players club  I became a hero, but what I thought was an opportunity became a matter of pain. The players club as I call it was a place where souls reach the last level of humanity. Once a soul has ascended in any universe it becomes a programmer. We write the code for the universe and do what we think is right. Turns out that even a good code still can be corrupted. I have seen whole world die and it has led me to Earth-2. Your earth. This is the oldest universe still alive. You can still see the first earth from your planet. With each universe you have two chances, The first experiment and the second experiment. The earth you live in is the second experiment of the first universe. You are the only chance we have. I have returned to this place to preserve what will be left of the human race. This will be the greatest experiment of all.  I can only hope we have time to upload the code.

-Doctor Booshka

Doctor Booshka is alive!

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This is a transcript of a phone conversation between reporter Timothy Wain and Doctor Booshka March 24, 2012:

Timothy: Hello there Doctor, how have you been?

Booshka: The movement has gone underground in preparation for the coming war.

Timothy: What is this war you speak of Doctor?

Booshka: The time-lines have all lead to a global war! I saw every conclusion and died in everyone. Now we go underground to preserve the righteous.

Timothy: Who are the righteous that you speak of?

Booshka: The righteous will find their way. Where the lions lay with lamb and a place where there is no hive. We will survive!

End Transcript


We will report any more information we receive on Doctor Booshka! Report your own sightings in the comment section.

1.4 The Invitation to Paradyce

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1.4 The Invitation to Paradyce.

Doctor Booshka on Hiatus for Now

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This blog was an my first try at creating what I’ve coined a Blook. I am currently working on a new Blook called “The Game of Daniel”. Doctor Booshka is not dead but I am currently going to focus on the new story I am writing. Once I get some time I will be writing a new Doctor Booshka story. Thanks to all who followed this and I hope you will take a look at the new blook and subscribe.

A New Quest at the Outpost

Posted in Chapter 16 on September 5, 2011 by QCSP

It has been awhile since I have logged back in on this account. I went through a portal to the other side. I am sure you are wondering what the “other side” is but it is hard to believe. Many world’s have been created because of time manipulation. In the year 2027 a grew up of children were sent back in time to the year 1990 and placed in certain guardian homes. These children were immune to all diseases and had a rapid ability to heal. They were engineered to have psychic abilities and to learn all the could about this world. I am one of these kid’s. I am Jonny Starwood and I am from a different world. In the attempt to send us back in time we created a whole new timeline cutting us off from the future forever. They will both continue but with the spread of time travel rips became a threat to destroying the universe. In 2009 I met Doctor Booshka who led me to his world. I lived there for 10 years but came back an it was 2011.  We are hear to prevent this world from being destroyed by the convergence of another universe. In effect they must prevent time traveling from ever being created in this world.



Chapter 16: The Truth is Ugly

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In the year of 1990 on the planet earth twelve children were picked for the harvest. On different special zodiac days these children once conceived were injected with dna not from this planet. These children were picked from long ancient blood lines who were already active with powers. The people who injected the children were human but they were not from this timeline nor our universe. You see when a time traveler goes back in time to change something he in effect destroys his own reality to create a new one. In the year 2004 a war broke out which changed the face of the planet forever. It started in the middle east but the spark of revolution fueled the air. It spread across north Africa and soon in 2007 the war breached the United States boarders. In mexico a violent militia began migrating further north. Being backed by Venezuela and North Korea they invaded California. They called themselves the Peoples Army For Communist Advancement. Thus in this invasion the United States created a wall separating the east coast from the advancing army. This was the beginning of the World Warm War as they called it. Tactical nukes were launched on California annihilating Los Angles. After a failed nuke attack on Washington by PACA the President and top scientist and influential people were flown to secret space station designed for this very scenario. There the team of scientist unveiled their plan. A mission where two of the scientist in a space shuttle already designed would use a high-powered rocket to project them through a black hole. Of course no one had every done this and the theory was they possibly could go back in time at some point and administer a secret serum that was collected at the crash site at Roswell. In test on rats this serum when administered proved effects in mutating genes. The effects were all different for each one depending on what stars were in line on the night of conception of the rat. A team of two named Doctor Jonathan Booshka and Doctor Andrew Zimmerman effectively time traveled. Except they had made it to the year 1941. They realized that travelling that far back in time they could change the world to how they see fit. And maybe even possibly create a whole new world.

On September 27th 1990, the two Doctors administered the serum into Jonny Starwood. Along with 11 other before him the babies all survived. And on September 11th 2001 the two worlds finally converged. Now this time line we our in ,is free roam. And there are many corrupt people who know this world is not what its suppose to be. Many people want to take control of these 12 in order to control the world. Now it is up to Jonny Starwood to find these 12 so they can save the world. Whatever world that may be!