About the Author

Jonathan Weaver is a writer of science fiction and a fan of all things geeky. He has written since he was young and has continued to learn and wield the art of literature. Taking cues from his favorites like Ray Bradbury and Phillip K. Dick in trying to merge real world morals and progressive thinking into a fantasy world that seemed so far away yet still hinted to a world too familiar. An honest attempt to put a different shade of light on the world. Science fiction may show you a distant galaxy or a warped police state but what it’s showing you is a filtered view of our world. Always having a message to the reader that provides further thinking. Jonathan is not a professional writer. This is not a career or job for him but to share a story with whoever will listen. Since the spring of 2009 he has experimented with something he nicknamed  the Blook. Its premise is pretty much a book that was in a blog format which creates and endless possibility for the future of literature. Imagine how different books would have been in the past if the reader could communicate with the author while they were writing the book.. So it has now become his quest to create it. His first attempt was a first person story set in the world of conspiracy theories and the looming 2012 apocalypse in the style as if the characters were writing the blog and existed. He called the Blook “Doctor Booshka and the Electric Circus” which he got from a  dream he had of a circus filled with things from all over the internet.  For four years he tinkered with it and tried to figure out what a Blook should be and what it could become. To write a book with no time restrictions or worries about someone trying to make it what it’s not, to blend a story into an internet narrative that could come to life . Something that more than one person could be a part of and an open invitation to take part in the experience. His hope is to create more Blook’s that have a story in their own universe or alternate reality and then invite the audience to create their own characters in those universes. Then no longer would you be saddened by the end of a series because for once the book is alive. A community that could not only follow a series but could make a side story that correlates with said universe. A book that is alive filled with the words of not one author but many.  And finally as long as there were writers for the Blook’s it could truly be A Neverending Story. While he knows this is a lot of wishful thinking he is just grateful for anyone who happens across any of his stories.  In his new Blook a man named Daniel Fellows has haunting dreams of the future and in the real world has entered a competition to win a job working for Damascus Games. Soon he finds that everything is not as it seems. Some underground movement is sending him mysterious letters and the game becomes more real than ever in this brand new Blook “The Game of Daniel”.


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