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I remember waking up in a fever sweat the day the games started. It wasn’t like the nights before of excitement and intrigue but a feeling of utter sickness. I knew David would be up early checking his gear and grabbing the first plate in the breakfast line. For some reason this morning I felt dread running through my body as if it were some sort of warning system. As I pulled the sweaty white shirt I wore to bed off and slipped on my haptic suit I heard a voice echoing in my head. The voice was inaudible at first but tuned itself. “Can you hear men,Daniel?” the voice rang around my brain. It was inside my head and actually sounded like another human rather than the voices I often have heard in my head. This was not my inner brain tricking me but someone communicating to me. And fancy it that the voice be female. “Daniel, I only have a brief point to give you a message! We need you to wake up. This world you believe is real is false. The game goes much deeper than you know. I am losing transmission….”. The voice faded out and I was left with a feeling I had never felt before. What did she mean by this world being fake? These questions would need more time to answer because the 10 minute alarm was blaring which meant for all of us to meet in the grand hall. I made it there with 1 minute to spare as I and the other straggler made their way there.

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