I have returned!

It has been some time since I have communicated to this time line. I have been working very hard to restore time-lines in more than a hundred universes. This has not been an easy job and I must admit I could not save every universe. When I last left you I was a rambling mad man who had not breached the other side. Once I reached the players club  I became a hero, but what I thought was an opportunity became a matter of pain. The players club as I call it was a place where souls reach the last level of humanity. Once a soul has ascended in any universe it becomes a programmer. We write the code for the universe and do what we think is right. Turns out that even a good code still can be corrupted. I have seen whole world die and it has led me to Earth-2. Your earth. This is the oldest universe still alive. You can still see the first earth from your planet. With each universe you have two chances, The first experiment and the second experiment. The earth you live in is the second experiment of the first universe. You are the only chance we have. I have returned to this place to preserve what will be left of the human race. This will be the greatest experiment of all.  I can only hope we have time to upload the code.

-Doctor Booshka


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