A New Quest at the Outpost

It has been awhile since I have logged back in on this account. I went through a portal to the other side. I am sure you are wondering what the “other side” is but it is hard to believe. Many world’s have been created because of time manipulation. In the year 2027 a grew up of children were sent back in time to the year 1990 and placed in certain guardian homes. These children were immune to all diseases and had a rapid ability to heal. They were engineered to have psychic abilities and to learn all the could about this world. I am one of these kid’s. I am Jonny Starwood and I am from a different world. In the attempt to send us back in time we created a whole new timeline cutting us off from the future forever. They will both continue but with the spread of time travel rips became a threat to destroying the universe. In 2009 I met Doctor Booshka who led me to his world. I lived there for 10 years but came back an it was 2011.  We are hear to prevent this world from being destroyed by the convergence of another universe. In effect they must prevent time traveling from ever being created in this world.




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