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Chapter 16: The Truth is Ugly

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In the year of 1990 on the planet earth twelve children were picked for the harvest. On different special zodiac days these children once conceived were injected with dna not from this planet. These children were picked from long ancient blood lines who were already active with powers. The people who injected the children were human but they were not from this timeline nor our universe. You see when a time traveler goes back in time to change something he in effect destroys his own reality to create a new one. In the year 2004 a war broke out which changed the face of the planet forever. It started in the middle east but the spark of revolution fueled the air. It spread across north Africa and soon in 2007 the war breached the United States boarders. In mexico a violent militia began migrating further north. Being backed by Venezuela and North Korea they invaded California. They called themselves the Peoples Army For Communist Advancement. Thus in this invasion the United States created a wall separating the east coast from the advancing army. This was the beginning of the World Warm War as they called it. Tactical nukes were launched on California annihilating Los Angles. After a failed nuke attack on Washington by PACA the President and top scientist and influential people were flown to secret space station designed for this very scenario. There the team of scientist unveiled their plan. A mission where two of the scientist in a space shuttle already designed would use a high-powered rocket to project them through a black hole. Of course no one had every done this and the theory was they possibly could go back in time at some point and administer a secret serum that was collected at the crash site at Roswell. In test on rats this serum when administered proved effects in mutating genes. The effects were all different for each one depending on what stars were in line on the night of conception of the rat. A team of two named Doctor Jonathan Booshka and Doctor Andrew Zimmerman effectively time traveled. Except they had made it to the year 1941. They realized that travelling that far back in time they could change the world to how they see fit. And maybe even possibly create a whole new world.

On September 27th 1990, the two Doctors administered the serum into Jonny Starwood. Along with 11 other before him the babies all survived. And on September 11th 2001 the two worlds finally converged. Now this time line we our in ,is free roam. And there are many corrupt people who know this world is not what its suppose to be. Many people want to take control of these 12 in order to control the world. Now it is up to Jonny Starwood to find these 12 so they can save the world. Whatever world that may be!