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The Day of Ragnarök

Posted in The New Adventures of Doctor Booshka on April 30, 2011 by QCSP

We sipped from the serpents cup underneath thy tree of life. Two kings and Two Queens forever roam the earth. Lest they be gods and goddesses or mere mortal they walk thy Terra. Underneath the feet of the children of the universe comes forth the code to write history. Sleeping inside of the machine their thoughts project a universe. We live in their command but one had sinned and awakened again. When he awoke he found his fathers kingdom on an island of paradise. They called this place Atlantis and it was our creators first world. When the King entered he began to corrupt his fathers paradise with the idea of freewill. In his power he led a rebellion and destroyed poor Atlantis. She wept as the waters of the open sea swallowed her daughter. How beautiful was this paradise which sinks beneath the face of the mother. When Atlantis was destroyed the King left and found another world to corrupt. And so he runs this matrix we live in programming our codes. It is said though in ancient lore the other siblings will awaken. When they find each other they will write a code that will last for infinity. When they speak they will have the power to delete the virus and the programs running our world. In when they do that they can awaken everyone to write their own code and then have their own control. This will be the day of


The Last BattleP.S. For the ones who have followed Doctor Booshka then you know of the easter eggs hidden within the writings. Have fun following the story. More to come this summer!