Chapter 15: A look in the mirror!

How long has it been since I stepped on this journey with Doctor Booshka! I thought I would start writing a blog about this crazy guy I met on the internet! He told me he was a time traveler and that I would save the world! His name was Doctor Jonathan Booshka and he said he could cure my ailment! My cousin killed himself when I was young and left a scar on my heart! Death seems to drip everywhere we walk and I couldn’t understand how anyone would want this beautiful world to end! Then I went on this crazy adventure and wound up embracing life with everything it had to offer! I began to train under Doctor Booshka’s wisdom and began to meta morph into something wonderful! Then after he had trained me he left back to his own world! He said by 2010 you would be able to look into the mirror and see the Doctor again! Now I look into the mirror and see Doctor Booshka and realize that I have been Doctor Booshka this whole time! How long have I been in a paradox! How will I escape this circle. I leave for Scotland soon. I hope to have more answers once I met with a man who may hold many answers! I pray I can gather my time traveling mind together!


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