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Chapter 14: I find myself in the Hives nest!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2010 by QCSP

I am now on the other side! On my planet I was just a crazy conspiracy theorist and now I am being told I am a messiah of Tarth! When I arrived in Doctor Booshka’a world I landed in the middle of their capital city of their empire! Apparently it has been 200 years since Doctor Booshka left and the evil Hive has been conquered! Now it is a New Republic and is guarded by a constitution similar to our own! They have a one world government now ruled by Four Kings who take Four Queens to rule the world! They represent the winds and the counter winds! So does the north wind blow south the east wind blow west as they say here! I am being trained in knowledge that is beyond my human mind it seems! Our worlds are very different yet the people here seem so familiar! In a sense they seem too human to be a different world! I study them everyday trying to see if these people are in anyway different from us earthians! I realize that they are just really two alternate times! Even the shape of the earth and the way the plates are lined are just the same! The only thing really different hear is that the moon is their only light source! It burns twice as bright as our moon but is still so dark! I miss the sun but the world here is lighted brightly all the time with electronic lights! I will continue to try and transmit this data using the devices on their planet!

-Doctor Jonny Booshka