The End of Jonny Starwoods World

I could see the fiery blaze in front of me! I didn’t think killing myself would be this hard! I can’t stop remembering everyone in this world and most importantly Bella! I had forgotten the girl who kissed me first! Why would I wanna leave this place! I wanna meet her again and show her I have changed! She meet me when I was just a boy training to be someone! Now I have the opportunity to go to another world but I would rather stay with my Bella! I need my Bella again! Not the last two Bella’s but another one of my Bella’s! I have had many who could have been a soul mate but I need to find someone before I jump of this cliff! High above the world I can see the the water running of the edge hitting rocks on the bottom! I am but a speck on this planet with no opportunity or chances! Could I be someone on the next planet! Doctor Booshka had already jumped and it was me who needed to jump into a “portal”! What if he was wrong and he is tricking me into killing myself! What if he was actually the bad guy and had led me to my death! Oh well I said as I backed up and began to run! “Jonny….Don’t jump I love you”! I turned as I had jumped to see the most beautiful woman running behind me to jump too! Shit I think I just started something I can’t finish! We are dying on the fall! See you on the otherside I proclaimed!


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