Chapter 13: We saw a titan!

Out of the belly of the earth we saw a giant arise! It devoured every thing it came in contact with! It spit them out as zombies to walk the earth with no hope and no fear! A group of brain dead zombies who roam the streets with knowledge taught from lcd screens! The books are not burning but they are downgrading! We forget to challenge ourselves and the beast devours the weak minds! In order to survive what is going to happen on your planet is to create and read! Learn the most you can and prepare yourself for whatever the future has in store for us! Have you followed me this long! You should know the good Doctor won’t let you down! We are all on an epic journey to figure out our lives and become something bigger! All it takes to be a member of the knowing is to understand and know! Don’t forget the flowers! Don’t forget the smell of your mother perfume! Don’t forget the vision of a distant shore from a though as a child! We can never forget the veritas in beauty! Understand your world and your understanding of it and take the ride! Do you want to know the future? Follow me and you shall see the vision!


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