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What happens in a dream?

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It all starts when you shut your eyes! In my case it was more like falling from the top of a waterfall! Welcome to the dead world where everyone floats! In order for me and Doctor Booshka to continue to exist one of us had to die! He is better off in my world right now! It is time for me to venture into his world and she if I can be A doctor for the people that need it! I won’t run away from my responsibilities! For now I have become Doctor Jonathan Edward Booshka! Maybe I can use his name to become a real Doctor on this planet! I will edge my sword as close as I can get and I will do good for the sake of my earth and his Bon Terra! May we see each other on the other-side!


The End of Jonny Starwoods World

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I could see the fiery blaze in front of me! I didn’t think killing myself would be this hard! I can’t stop remembering everyone in this world and most importantly Bella! I had forgotten the girl who kissed me first! Why would I wanna leave this place! I wanna meet her again and show her I have changed! She meet me when I was just a boy training to be someone! Now I have the opportunity to go to another world but I would rather stay with my Bella! I need my Bella again! Not the last two Bella’s but another one of my Bella’s! I have had many who could have been a soul mate but I need to find someone before I jump of this cliff! High above the world I can see the the water running of the edge hitting rocks on the bottom! I am but a speck on this planet with no opportunity or chances! Could I be someone on the next planet! Doctor Booshka had already jumped and it was me who needed to jump into a “portal”! What if he was wrong and he is tricking me into killing myself! What if he was actually the bad guy and had led me to my death! Oh well I said as I backed up and began to run! “Jonny….Don’t jump I love you”! I turned as I had jumped to see the most beautiful woman running behind me to jump too! Shit I think I just started something I can’t finish! We are dying on the fall! See you on the otherside I proclaimed!

Have you followed thus far!

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Let me give you a riddle?!?

What goes up and must come down?1?!?

-Mr. Enigma

Chapter 14: A funny thing happened!

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In the midst of the confusion I had rise up! The fakeness of the world consumed everyone around me! The need for money and clothing was not a need of mine! I wished to run naked through the flowers in order to feel something! Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to run through poison ivy but at least I was wise enough to take a shower afterward! I don’t know what is going on inside the Doctors head anymore! I don’t know why I am continuing to listen to every word he says! He just commands attention from you when you speak to him! Sometimes I will be trying to say something and he will cut me off and say “Let me tell you some veritas”! I don’t know why he thinks he knows everything about this world if he isn’t from this world! He says when he was in purgatory he lived a thousand lives to get here! I think it sounds like bull shit to me but whatever! He is either the smartest cult leader or he is who he says he is! I would prefer to think that he is real and that we have to continue this adventure to save the world! Who wouldn’t want to try to save the world? He has left me with instructions to do while he is out doing god knows what! I hear he needs some very important minerals to open some sort of gate between our world and his world! He says that we need to go back to his world in order to retrieve a device in his office! If he can really open up a portal to his world then I will really believe! I guess we will find out tomorrow if it works! Live long and prosper friends!

Chapter 13: We saw a titan!

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Out of the belly of the earth we saw a giant arise! It devoured every thing it came in contact with! It spit them out as zombies to walk the earth with no hope and no fear! A group of brain dead zombies who roam the streets with knowledge taught from lcd screens! The books are not burning but they are downgrading! We forget to challenge ourselves and the beast devours the weak minds! In order to survive what is going to happen on your planet is to create and read! Learn the most you can and prepare yourself for whatever the future has in store for us! Have you followed me this long! You should know the good Doctor won’t let you down! We are all on an epic journey to figure out our lives and become something bigger! All it takes to be a member of the knowing is to understand and know! Don’t forget the flowers! Don’t forget the smell of your mother perfume! Don’t forget the vision of a distant shore from a though as a child! We can never forget the veritas in beauty! Understand your world and your understanding of it and take the ride! Do you want to know the future? Follow me and you shall see the vision!