Chapter 13: The Secret Garden

It is time to reveal my real purpose on your planet! I have come in order to find the souls of Adam and Eve!  The creator has forced me into a position where I must find these two and set their souls free! Once I can set their souls free we can all be free! They were the first sinners and they must be the last ones to die! After their souls are set free and are once at peace with the creator a new earth will emerge! Their is a battle which has been promised since the first bite of that forbidden fruit! We tasted knowledge and we wanted more! Our minds weren’t ready for what the creator had in store for us! We have forgotten what was promised to us! Do you think the creator didn’t already know we would eat the forbidden fruit! Why else would he make it forbidden! He has had a plan since the last experiment failed! He knew he had to test us in order to give us the power to create! We already have the power! Will you create?


2 Responses to “Chapter 13: The Secret Garden”

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