Chapter 12: The 12 Disciples of Doctor Booshka

We are the wanderers that ponder on distant shores of our imagination! We have forgotten the old prophecy which until the 11th century was known to all. It speaks of the new garden of Eden and the new Adam and Eve! These two souls have been searching across eternity and dimensions to find each other! Jonny Starwood is one of these souls candidates which have a piece of Adams soul! These 12 souls have floated down the river of time for quite awhile! Some of the most influential people in the world have been one of these 12 souls! There are 6 Sons of Adam and 6 Daughters of Eve! Among them they must find each other! They don’t even remember who they are anymore! Time has degraded their memories of ancient but soon they will be awakened! The gathering of the 12 is happening right now as we speak! They are finding each other and events they have been prophecy for years are about to transpire! Soon we will find ourselves and forget this false life we live! It is time to accept the inward and outwardly beauty of the soul and embrace true love! Forget these new ways and return to the light source! Feel the energy and vibrations pulse through your body! You most awaken to your true destiny! You must remember that you were always a writer or an artist or whatever you feel is your destiny! Follow your true heart and believe in yourself! We all have the potential to do great things! What will you do!


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