Chapter 12: The Search for the End!

Today is the last day I will be Jonny Starwood or Jonathan Weaver! Today is the day I reveal all the truth to you! I have always been Doctor Jonathan Booshka and this is my story! I am from another universe and I am a true star child! The visions revealed to me are those from the very source which we are all connected too! Okay so maybe I am not really from another planet and maybe there was a real Doctor Booshka but he died awhile ago! Maybe if you believe in reincarnation as I do the you believe that at least his soul is guiding mine! His very name came to me in a dream and his words have flowed out of me since he committed suicide 5 years ago! I was going through a phase in my life where I hated the very vessel that encompassed my soul! How could I be so foolish to deny my very flesh and to deny my imagination from being and existing and flowing! This is the purpose of life my friends! All who have followed this long now know the veritas of the situation! We cannot believe everything someone tells even if it is a God-Like-Production or Satan-Like-Production! We tend to believe what someone else makes up for us! Til I was a sophomore in high school I attended a southern baptist church and my best friend was a televangelist’s son! I was so far up the church’s asshole that I myself became a church asshole! I was so applaed by how a youth pastor treated me that I retreated into agnosticism and near atheism! I started smoking a lot of weed to numb my pain of the world! I though to myself if the world is this cruel and hateful and corrupt how can I be pure! The thing I have come to know is that no one is pure and that we are all in murky waters! Some dive down dip into “sin” in order to achieve some greater purpose but their lungs collapse at the bottom! Some try to just swim it but their arms tire and the dehydrate and die of exhaustion! Then there are the ones that float and are saved by a whaling ship! The paths are all chosen everyday by everyone who has a light! How bright is your light? Are you truly existing or are you drowning the waters?

Doctor Jonny Booshka II

The Third Reincarnation of Doctor Booshka


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