Chapter 12: A Revelation of Origin!

It is time to tell you some truth about why I am really here! You see before the Hive took over after Solarian Holocaust I was the Good Doctor of Tarth or in your worlds terms the President of the United States or King of England! I was born of the royal bloodline of Booshkas which were of the 12 families of Illuminati of Tarth! Can you guess why there are 13 bloodlines in your worlds Illuminati??

In my world we didn’t believe in being ruled only guided! So we conceived that our leader needed to be a fixer rather then a demander! So thus the name Doctor was ascribed to the First Doctor of Tarth…Doctor John Booshka I! There has been many different families in control of the thrown of Academia! Our army are warrior monks who train in weaponry and spiritual practice! We understand are natural charkas and our power within! I have the power to control smoke!

-Doctor Booshka


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