Chapter 11: The Duality of Fates

Jonny Starwood has his bloodline traced back to the Knights Templar and the early Cathars! He is important to my master plan to help save this grand planet! He is a candidate to be the next King of the Origin Bloodline which flood directly from Adam to David to Jesus to him and other candidates across the globe! In 2012 these candidates inner power will be released and they will be judged by the Source once they die! Only one will be cast back to earth with the power to reign over New Earth and establish the Royal Bloodline on the New Planet coming! We stand at the crossroads of sanity and insanity and though we teeter on the toes of gods we balance of the words of truth! We will rise out of the ashes like a phoenix and fly out of here. Though our vessels may be finite our souls are infinite and we cannot deny our own truth imprinted in our very being! We will all have to make an ultimate choice which will lead us to our destiny! Your choice though will effect the very course of your soul which will lead to your ultimate infinity our destruction! Don’t take my word for it though!!!

-Doctor Booshka


One Response to “Chapter 11: The Duality of Fates”

  1. The False Prophet Says:

    The end is coming!

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