Chapter 11: Why we fight! Because we have the power!

There is a war going on for your minds and souls! It has been waged since the beginning of time between the almighty architect and the hidden destruction force! Our very souls are what at stake in this long wage battle! We stand at the footholds of the future and the past and some will decide to get lost in their origin! To see the future you have to accept the past and acknowledge the future but always remain in a constant flow! If you forget that each second you are creating existence then you can truly live a full an happy life! Worries are made by the destruction force so that our souls forget about the ebbing flow of light running through our veins! You should never forget that inside your very being is a force more powerful then any force on this planet! You control your destiny each day by the choices you make and the emotions and vibrations you give off! The greatest lie is that this is the end of your life! This is the most incorrect statement ever! You don’t have to convert to Buddhism or an eastern philosophy to understand this! Inside of us is great power and with great power comes great responsibility! Remember not to use your powers for negative purposes! May your path be illuminated my friends!

                                                                                                              -Doctor Booshka


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