Doctor Booshka and the Game!

He is looking for twelve candidates for some special reason! He has asked me to finish what he started a year ago with this blog and the videos and the music and the photos! Anything that has ever been connected to Doctor Booshka is a hidden clue for the candidates! He has asked me to start the process off with 100 candidates! So here is the first mission if you choose to accept! You have to write a short story describing yourself but as the person you wish you could be! There is no guidelines to length or substance just send your work to us! The top 100 candidates will receive their first packet of information via email!


Must be 18 or older to play!

Must subscribe to the blog and leave at least one comment saying hello!

Prizes will be given out when the 12 candidates are chosen!

The first round ends on July 4th, 2010!!!

Will you be a candidate?

-Jonny Starwood


5 Responses to “Doctor Booshka and the Game!”

  1. drbooshka Says:

    The Game Starts Now!!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jonathan Booshka, Jonathan Booshka and Jonathan Booshka, Jonathan Booshka. Jonathan Booshka said: Only 100 will make it to the next round! […]

  3. Quixotic Says:


    “Come on. They want to start.” The thought pressed into his awareness. “You’re way past late.”

    “Just a sec,” he thought back, “I’m still doing the final calculations on the harmonic values.”

    “Everyone is already here — even some who aren’t, if you know what I mean.”

    “Really?” He thought, and then blocked with some effort and tried to force his mind exclusively back to the bridging calculations.

    Jaron was aware of registering fleeting surprise at that even as he pushed that awareness aside to focus on the task at hand. The interlocking harmonics of the final movement had to sing or some experiencers would have trouble with the shift in awareness.

    “Even some who aren’t? What the hell?” While Jaron had been blocking others since he was five, at 16, he still found it difficult to block his own thoughts. He was aware of being annoyed by this even as he pushed aside both the awareness of the surprise of Desan’s comment as well as the awareness of being annoyed by its intrusion in the first place.

    “COME ON!” Desan’s panic bludgeoned past Jaron’s block and into his awareness again. “Just bring the harmony programming. So what if some get it more than others. No one has ever touched everyone. Enough with the 4D already. Just get here. NOW!”

    “Tone. Add sub-tone to the 3rd. Pi to the diminished 7th. Phi to octave squared, then cubed.” Again he pushed Desan’s hysteria away and focused again on the task at hand. He had never made it this far before. So far, the sonic structure was holding, building on itself moving towards the 4D event horizon.

    With a corner of his mind, Jaron reached out to Desan. “I’m sending what I’ve started. You guys start without me.”

    “You’re going to do this telos? LIVE? From there?” The terror in Desan’s thoughts turning to horror as he thought them. “You heard me when I said everyone was here, right? And you want to do this telos? Jaron, nobody does harmonies like you, but nobody has ever done them empathically live before — from a distance to boot. They’re watching, Jaron. I’ve never seen them, but even a blinder like can me can feel them. There are some in the audience who can though and they’re graphing to affinites what looks like a whole host. Just get here.”

    Jaron caught a fleeting glimpse of what Desan was seeing. Desan couldn’t normally graph, but in his panic, he was unable to control his send and in that moment, Jaron saw the view from the circular stage. The audience was assembled on the beach 360 around and the sky charger was up projecting a view of the instruments already on stage high into the darkening pink sky above the stage. The audience was massive. But in that fleeting glimpse, Jaron could see they were happy, joyful just to be there. He could sense that they sensed tonight was going to be special. He felt it too.

    “Get out there and play! Just attune the amps telos-receiver to my send-freaq. There’ll be a delay while the amps crunch the numbers. As soon as it plots the structure sequence, sync and start. If I mathed right, I’ll finish just before you get to me. I moved down beach to get away from all the sends. I can’t concentrate. But you’ve got to start playing in the next couple thinks or you’ll miss the orbital ascension window. The planet has to be at this particular now on the ecliptic if this is going to work.

    “Who said anything about ascension and what do you mean get to you? It’s just a concert. They’ll be happy if they see a few people float.” Desan’s send came screaming back. He was really starting to lose it now, Jaron could tell.”

    “Stop distracting me. Just get the band out on stage now and sync to the amps. The amps are going to have the harmonics solution in a few deci-thinks. Trust me Desan. I’m your best friend and I will be with you on stage at the end. Have faith.” Jaron sent back and then returned to the task at hand.

    Down beach, he felt and then an instant later, heard a huge roar. “They’ve taken the stage,” he thought to himself, and just as he thought this, it began. Even from down beach, he could tell it was amazing.

    The music was life altering, but the harmonics were like waves pure joy washing over the crowd. No one had ever felt anything like it. High above their heads, they could see band projected onto the sky and every soul there, and a even those that weren’t, began to dance in perfect rhythm the pulsing harmonic and ensorcelling melodies. Sine. Cosign. En retenant. En pressant. Line. Square. Cube. Tesseract.

    Sub-memes layered onto themes and as the music swelled, so the consciousness of those in attendance swelled with it. Encompassing each other, their minds overlaying and occupying the same space and time as effortless as they all swayed together and as the second movement began it was as if 3rds and 5ths were being heard for the first time. Everything move up a semi quaver, then a full quaver and without anybody realizing it, their feet all left the ground.

    Even the band. They were all thought-linked to the stage through their instruments and even though they had left the stage, and were actually floating a few feet above it, when they began to drift with the planets rotation the stage drifted with them albeit a few feet below, and the venue fell away behind them as the entire concert floated down beach and not one of them knew anything but the music and would have cared less if they did know they were all in the air.

    Jaron was working feverishly. He had mathed it right. And although the synced amps were catching up to him, he calculated that the concert would arrive just as he finished. Well, finished wasn’t the right word. He came as close as he could. It was perfect — almost. As he finished and the concert arrived, he too was subsumed by it and rose to swayed to his place beside Desan on stage, but there was one nagging doubt even as the nearing perfection of the event horizon registered.

    He sensed they were over the intersections of leylines he had plotted and they were hearing the end. He had written all but the last chord and as the crescendo neared, he wondered if it really was possible. And even as he wondered this, he was quickly lost in the joy of being one with all.

    The music was coming to the last bar and crowd swayed in an incredible oneness everything was building, and expanding to improbable unlikelinesses and the second to the last note came, the last one he had written, but not the last note to be sounded. He knew there was something beyond it, but it was not his to create and as they came to the last note, again he hoped the final note would somehow be possible.

    It was in that micro-eternity of a moment that he became aware of them. The host. Just one density away. The music and the harmonics and the oneness of all who were there felt (and even the host who technically weren’t there yet) had thinned the limnal between the densities and just as the second to the last note played, suddenly a new and never before experienced event pealed out and through the barrier and the host who hadn’t really been there until now suddenly appeared picking up where the band had left off and taking everything, the music, the melody, the harmony, and the oneness onward to acsension.

    Back on the beach, there was blinding flash and then echos of music of the spheres began fading like beautiful dream you can’t quite remember as you awaken. No one was there, but the priests later recorded that souls of all the concert goers had ascended and transmuted their bodies into light as they did leaving behind no trace at the leylines where the flash came from some miles away from the concert started because by that time, everyone at the concert was floating.

    The high-priests generally regarded as the greatest concert of all time, and some-when, it never ends.

  4. yo, send me the pic of you on the beach with the fire arc….

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