Chapter 11: The War has Begun!

Our souls sit on the edge of eternity waiting for the ship of the damned to ferry us across the great experiment! What woe is it that we think our souls our finite! Some souls have been here since the beginning of time yet some souls are “new’. If you have an old soul then you will know it! Most spirit guides people summon are actually past lives who are guiding you into your ultimate destiny! We hold the keys to defend ourselves and to prepare a new way to come! Nibiru is coming to save us and some of us will start a new life! Someone of us will die in this battle and some of us will suffer through it all! Regardless we must stay strong for we are the new warrior monks! We hold our soul as the most important thing we have! The first step in joining the war though is to accept you have a soul! This is the great deception led by the Illuminati on your planet and The Hive on my planet! Hide your soul because it is finite and you will rot in the earth! Waste your life away because it means nothing! Your soul is actually the most important aspect of your humanity! Without the human soul you would be another animal on this planet! You were given the spark of the eternal though! Other aliens of this universe might not even understand the importance of our human soul for they may not all have the spark! In conclusion I tell you three simple instructions to join my army!

1. Accept your outward beauty!

2.Accept your inward beauty, the soul!

3.Accept your Destiny!

-Doctor Booshka


3 Responses to “Chapter 11: The War has Begun!”

  1. drbooshka Says:

    This is my most important message!

  2. hey whats your myspace page.

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