The Tale of the Thread Pt II: What Tarthinians Believe “God” is!

Here is what Tarthinians believe “God” is! We believe that long ago there was a “big bang” which all of our existence flows from! That is where the source is and will always be for all linear and non linear time! Everything flows and will always flow back to the source! All life and energy and matter flows through this “source” when it “dies”! Here in your world you are too scared of death and that is what makes you a human! I am a human too but we are not afraid to die for we know we will be reborn! Our souls are energy and matter and will never be destroyed! Our vessels will surely die though in order to form a new vessel! We believe that we are all prophets of “God” and that we can all achieve some sort of power from him! These powers differ for different people according to how much the source shines in your soul! Your soul has been on a very long journey since the very beginning of time! You just don’t remember who you were because the source makes you forget about your “sins” and washes them away and creates you a new! When Jesus said he was the son of God he meant to say he was “a” son of God! How foolish it would be to deny “God” more then one son or daughter! How foolish it would be to deny that Jesus didn’t have a son or daughter before his death! If you read messianic tradition its important for the messiah to have a bloodline! Are you really going to listen to what a pastor says or are you going to buy a bible and research it on your own! Would you let me be your pastor!!!! Hell know you wouldn’t you would be putting bs flags up throughout the service! So why would you let anyone deceive your own believes! I am not asking you to accept my story as truth but to acknowledge what I believe is what I believe is truth!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka

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