The Tale of the Thread!

Your world was the back up plan the creator made for what he knew would happen to the first experiment! You see when the creator made this universe he created linear time which to him is foreign! Even he can’t even understand linear time because it was part of The Father’s Master Plan! This is what no one not even the creator knows the outcome of! Our souls have been living for a lot longer then we think! We have a spark which is directly connected to the source as we our directly connected to each other! The twelve disciples in the new testament each represent the 12 planets of our universe! The 8 planets our the visible planets and the other 4 planets are the other dimensions hidden by the refraction of light of both our moons and suns creating a curtain between our worlds! In between these worlds is what you would call “purgatory” or the “land of the lost and damned”! This place is a dimensional junkyard consisting of souls rejected by the source because they need more time to learn before its judgment of the infinite soul! You always though have a chance to redeem yourself but you might not remember your past. 8 of Jesus’ disciples represented the ones that were of this planet! The first visitors from Tarth were John and James who were the “sons of thunder”! These “suns” represent the two suns that of which our really the same but existing in different linear timeline’s! If you think of a tree, when linear time divides, it clones certain aspects of its original! Unlike your Universe which is infinite our dimension is not and only consists of four planets! Here is where the time bomb starts ticking! If for some reason any organization on your planet creates a black hole, then our world will be destroyed and so will your world! There are very evil people in both of our dimensions that are trying to do just that! If they succeed then the portal to “hell” will open! I just don’t know what will come through the black hole though!

Doctor Jonathan Booshka

“I am the prophet of Tarth”

Excerpt from a thread on the website:


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