Chapter 10: The Broken Bone Club

You see when you break a bone in your body it hurts! Sometimes you can seriously get hurt and have the bone protrude from your vessel! The creator show us a lesson in broken bones though! They hurt because we have done something to cause the broken bone! We hurt and we cry when it happens! We go to a Doctor and ask him to fix our problem! Sometimes the Doctor might hurt you too while he is trying to fix you but this is part of the experience and always will be till we our free from our vessels! Though once you leave the Doctor with your cast encasing the poor fragile break! It will hurt for awhile but eventually you will start to feel normal! This is where the miracle of our bodies takes hold! After breaking the bone the body will naturally mend the bone! When it restructures, the broken bone will become stronger where the break was! This bond from where the break was will be superior then the rest of the bone! This is what will happen with Jonny Starwood! He is confused and scared because people feed him lies! He will surely come out of this funk! May he will mend his broken bone on his trip this weekend to Wilmington,NC!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka


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