Chapter 10: The Third Prophet of Tarth!

The first prophet of Tarth was Nikola Tesla! The second prophet of Tarth is Hunter S. Thompson! The third prophet of Tarth is…me! So let me explain the purposes of the three Doctors of Prophecy! The first was Tesla and his purpose was to show the world that we have the power of the heavens! He showed what was to come in the future. His purpose was to also inspire Mark Twain to write some of the most important works of our time! He showed us morals and tales of the future past and present! Without Tesla, Mark Twain would have been a failure in his later life! This was the purpose of the first Prophet to show the future!

Hunter S. Thompson was the second prophet of Tarth! His real father was Tesla himself, the first prophet! Each prophet represents the experiments for I am the third prophet of Tarth! Thompson’s mother had an affair with Tesla in 1936 after meeting at a restaurant! He fell in love with his mother and she was willing to leave and go back to Tarth with her. Sadly he was kidnapped by The Hive and forced to go back to Tarth alone! His mother 1 month pregnant with hunter never told anyone of her encounter with him. He returned 3 months later after escaping the Hive to live here until 1943. He was captured in January of that year and taken back to Tarth where he died revealing his last prophecy! Hunter S. Thompson represents “The Second Experiment” in which he showed that the core of the world is evil! The good don’t always prevail!  He showed us how we built the kingdom of fear and how we our slaves to it.

I have come to destroy the kingdom of fear and restore the peace for which the creator will bring to us!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka


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