Chapter 9: The War is Coming!

We sit at the crossroads of our destinies! It will come to pass where you will need to make a decision. Will you fight for whats is good or will you sit as the world is consumed by evil. Many are forgetting important lessons that we have been reminded over and over again throughout time! We must remember to love and be loved! Love is what rules humans and it is the strongest emotion the creator gave to us. For the creator loved the world the he gave us love so that we too can love and be loved! If we forget love then we forget our humanity and our morals. Without love we cannot function properly and we will be infected with hate and despair! Depression and suicide are so rampant among the humans of earth! Why waste this precious life that the creator has given us! We must encourage our fellow men and woman and love them. This is the most important message I can relay to you! For the war is coming and we will not lose! We will be victorious and we will conquer the evil which inhabits my world and yours! Peace be with you!

– Doctor Jonathan Booshka


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