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Update: A funny thing happend on the way to the forum!

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Hello all, its Jonny Starwood! I know things are getting confusing and more intriguing but don’t worry!  This is the beginning of the end. The end will not be an end but a rebirth for humans! We are the lucky ones. At least if we are to believe what Doctor Booshka is saying. I am wary of what he says because the Bible talks about false prophets.  So I am going to give you guys some answers that Doctor Booshka revealed on the website I have no clue why he revealed the stuff he did on a forum and not on the blog but I know he is cooking something up good. I have faith in Doctor Booshka but when he does stuff like this it confuses me. He must be looking for other candidates! He told me there will be 11 other candidates with me that will be the first to get the keys to unlocking the universe. I really don’t understand the jibber he spits out sometimes. It’s a mixture of Doctor Who and a preacher. It’s funny because Doctor Booshka thinks Doctor Who was a prophecy of him coming to our world! Blah!Blah!Blah! Anyways here is a transcript of what was said on the forum:

For you do not have to believe! Follow the story though and maybe it will reveal something to you. Knowledge is interchangeable just as time and energy is. For some souls of this planet are very very old and some are very very new. Let us also not get confused with energy and the soul. These are two different things. The soul is a creation from the ultimate creator. We are all part of the great experiment. Should we be so stupid to deny science as a gift from the creator. He has given us the tools to understand but our own foolishness clouds our vision. We all follow paths that we define each day. We choose our own paths but there is grander path unto which all paths are governed under. I am trying my best to write humanely but I am not human. I am a humanoid though just like you. Humans though are what other species refer to earthlings. Our worlds diverged from the big bang as you would call it. Mars though was the first experiment which went horribly wrong. Though good did come out of the first experiment: angels. Though they are not what your mind would think them as. They are humanoids too. They though are more powerful then us for now. We have the same power but we cannot access these powers yet. For the creator second experiment was set up with rules and regulation. So here is what im trying to say to you. The first experiment was a failure in the creators eyes. He placed the angels which were good on what you call heaven. This place is where most of the souls bounce to when waiting for the day of accession. This was where the good of earth will stay until the creator calls the good to his dimension. The souls that have been deemed bad souls do go to “hell” but this is not the hell of the bible. The actual closest thing to hell really is Dante’s Inferno. I have never been there because to venture to this place is almost certain doom of the soul. Remember the soul cannot never be destroyed. Once a soul has been created it will never die. Though if you go to “hell” there is no wormhole out. This is where the creator punishes the wicked. For the rebellion of the Lucifer was as true as it is portrayed on earth. When God took Lucifer from the first experiment the creator had not known of the trickery he had already done. For the whole time it had been him that made the experiment a failure. He proclaimed that the creator had no power over him and he convinced many angels that this was true. The creator though is our ultimate authority and he is veritas! Do not confuse the creator with your human images of him. You would be a fool to say you have seen his face. No one has seen his face not even the angels. For if you see his face your soul will surely die and be sucked into the source. The source I speak of is the source of all life and all death. All energy is restored through the source. The source is not the creator! The creator is a being himself. No one not even the creator knows what or who is inside of the source. Though all will be revealed in time. I once again speak to much for you humans to understand now. Our worlds though are in danger! If you want to know more now then you must read from the start. Chapter 1 through Chapter 9…..this is your homework for tonight. I will answer questions at 2 am eastern standard time. So ask your questions now and I will respond to some of them at 2. I will not answer questions to new souls those who refuse to believe. My feelings are different then yours so you can’t hurt me. Don’t bother in trying to dissuade what I say. I only want people to respond who want to learn of my path. I reject no religion nor embrace a single one. All have a part to the puzzle. It just takes someone to put them together.

– Doctor Jonathan Booshka