Chapter 9: We hang on the threads of gods!

My worse fears are being played on stage upside down inside my eyes. Tiptoeing across the stage I see a mischievous being who threatens to bring the who play to an end! Obviously I am daydreaming but sometimes I get lost in these daydreams and can’t shake them. I can’t help but wonder will all of our souls be tortured forever under the Anuki or The Hive. In face I have reason to believe the Anuki is getting things from The Hive. There is not all bad news though. Last night Jonny Starwood resurfaced with a blog post. He seems like he is not doing so well. At least he is alive and well with Bella. I have given him a contact to reach and try to uncover some things that might blow the lid on something way bigger than me. I understand that what I say sometimes doesn’t make sense but bear with me. We are hanging on the threads of gods yarn ball over three cats that want to devour us! Be wary of who you trust in these strange times!

-Doctor Booshka


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