Chapter 8: Houston, We have Anuki!

“So you think you can stop a thousand years of progress? Your planet will not escape the grip of the Anuki! We have been promised by the Gods that after 1,000 years in hell we would be able to reign on Earth again. Our powers are strong and humans are weak. This is not a threat this is a warning! You will be our slaves and we your masters. In 2012 the flood gates of hell will open upon your Earth and not even your puny Dr. Booshka won’t be able to stop him.”

This quote was taken off a forum that is devoted to devil worship. For years the Anuki have disguised themselves as demons and other creatures in order to latch on to human power. Inside of every human is electricity and this spark is only available to humans. Not even I have this spark of energy. We are going to have to start preparing for the coming war! We can no longer sit and wait for the Anuki to come and turn us into slaves. We are the uprising so let us arise!

Dr Jonathan Booshka

P.S. Be wary of who you trust! The Anuki are experts at deceit!


2 Responses to “Chapter 8: Houston, We have Anuki!”

  1. hi wats your myspace page

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