Chapter 8: Into the void…

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your world is not safe! I have finally accessed the veritas box from Tarth. Inside I have gained so much knowledge on transporting from dimension to dimension. Oh and yes I did figure it all out! Our worlds are on a crash course circa December 21st, 2012! It’s not just our world though 3 other worlds are out there and they will crash into our dimension too! This is a fact and we must act swiftly to counter these attacks from happening. They are coming and there is no hope to stop them unless we can get back to Tarth to stop certain events in the timeline from happening. War is upon us, oh brethren, and we must arm ourselves with knowledge! We will not lose!

Doctor Booshka


2 Responses to “Chapter 8: Into the void…”

  1. Matt Hazelbaker Says:

    Planet X?

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