Chapter 7: The Rift in the Universe

I arrived in your world last year. I have been engaged in an ongoing trek across your planet to find answers and understand whats going to happen to my world and yours. Tarth seems so far away now. I feel as if your world is sucking me into it each day I am here. There is much evil and hatred here but also there is love and beauty. Your world seems to balance on these two areas. A balance that teeters with the sway of the wind. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am here and what I am going to do here. This will all be revealed sooner than later. I have figured though that there is a split between our worlds. This split which I call a rift is sucking things from both of our world and sending it to the other one. This is how I think I got here. The amount of energy from the explosion in Tarth must have blasted me into this rift between our worlds. This though scares me for the thought of The Hive getting here is a threat. I will let you know more as I find more. Be wary who you trust now! This world is full of masks.

Dr. Jonathan Booshka


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