Chapter 7: Origins of Tarth

Would you like to know the history of Tarth. First we must discuss how modern Tarth became an advanced civilization. This all starts on October 28th, 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Pennsylvania. If you have ever heard of The Philadelphia Experiment then you might be familiar with the story of a Navy ship dissipating and reappearing at the shipyard. The story though is much deeper. Albert Einstein was part of a secret sect of scientists and intellectuals called The Knowing. This group was started by Nikola Tesla in 1921 with other famous people of his era. Including Thomas Edison despite their rivalry. Tesla himself was of Tarthian decent. The only person he revealed that to was Einstein. No known facts on how Tesla’s family arrived here but I am assuming a wormhole. This is where the story gets strange.

Nikola Tesla and the Knowing had been working on a plan to outfit a Navy ship with a conduit that could emit enough energy to open a wormhole and pass through it unharmed. The problem though was they could get the wormhole open but if any object touched the machine while in transport they would meld into it. Not much is known what element they discovered which would inact those effects but eventually they created a ship named the U.S.S. Eldridge. This ship was going to make one mission to Tarth exchanging a box called the Veritas Box which contained all of human history. The Knowing created another box with instructions how to do the same so that earth could learn about Tarth.

Tesla died before ever seeing his ship built or the experiment go off. No one knew of his connection to it or the knowings involvement. The ship left earth on that fateful October day and eneterd the sea of oris on Tarth. The ship flashed with a green light and was engulfed by fog. The ship had transported successfully. They spend a year sailing different ports and eventually made it to the capital city to give them the Veritas Box. On July 4th in Tarth they set sail and tried to return to Earth. Sadly though many of the men did not make it back and a number of them were melded into the ship.

This is the beginning of the timeline for modern tarth. This spark engulfed our planet and it was on fire with discovery. This may not have been the literal creation of Tarth but it definitely gave us a push. I am still learning of your worlds involvement with Tarth and I am learning alot. Keep following the story to learn more!!!!!


One Response to “Chapter 7: Origins of Tarth”

  1. Melodie Lewis Says:

    Good writing Jonathan, I read it all, it kept my attention, can’t wait to read the final book or blook as you say.

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