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The Tale of the Thread Pt II: What Tarthinians Believe “God” is!

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Here is what Tarthinians believe “God” is! We believe that long ago there was a “big bang” which all of our existence flows from! That is where the source is and will always be for all linear and non linear time! Everything flows and will always flow back to the source! All life and energy and matter flows through this “source” when it “dies”! Here in your world you are too scared of death and that is what makes you a human! I am a human too but we are not afraid to die for we know we will be reborn! Our souls are energy and matter and will never be destroyed! Our vessels will surely die though in order to form a new vessel! We believe that we are all prophets of “God” and that we can all achieve some sort of power from him! These powers differ for different people according to how much the source shines in your soul! Your soul has been on a very long journey since the very beginning of time! You just don’t remember who you were because the source makes you forget about your “sins” and washes them away and creates you a new! When Jesus said he was the son of God he meant to say he was “a” son of God! How foolish it would be to deny “God” more then one son or daughter! How foolish it would be to deny that Jesus didn’t have a son or daughter before his death! If you read messianic tradition its important for the messiah to have a bloodline! Are you really going to listen to what a pastor says or are you going to buy a bible and research it on your own! Would you let me be your pastor!!!! Hell know you wouldn’t you would be putting bs flags up throughout the service! So why would you let anyone deceive your own believes! I am not asking you to accept my story as truth but to acknowledge what I believe is what I believe is truth!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka

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The Tale of the Thread!

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Your world was the back up plan the creator made for what he knew would happen to the first experiment! You see when the creator made this universe he created linear time which to him is foreign! Even he can’t even understand linear time because it was part of The Father’s Master Plan! This is what no one not even the creator knows the outcome of! Our souls have been living for a lot longer then we think! We have a spark which is directly connected to the source as we our directly connected to each other! The twelve disciples in the new testament each represent the 12 planets of our universe! The 8 planets our the visible planets and the other 4 planets are the other dimensions hidden by the refraction of light of both our moons and suns creating a curtain between our worlds! In between these worlds is what you would call “purgatory” or the “land of the lost and damned”! This place is a dimensional junkyard consisting of souls rejected by the source because they need more time to learn before its judgment of the infinite soul! You always though have a chance to redeem yourself but you might not remember your past. 8 of Jesus’ disciples represented the ones that were of this planet! The first visitors from Tarth were John and James who were the “sons of thunder”! These “suns” represent the two suns that of which our really the same but existing in different linear timeline’s! If you think of a tree, when linear time divides, it clones certain aspects of its original! Unlike your Universe which is infinite our dimension is not and only consists of four planets! Here is where the time bomb starts ticking! If for some reason any organization on your planet creates a black hole, then our world will be destroyed and so will your world! There are very evil people in both of our dimensions that are trying to do just that! If they succeed then the portal to “hell” will open! I just don’t know what will come through the black hole though!

Doctor Jonathan Booshka

“I am the prophet of Tarth”

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Chapter 10: The Broken Bone Club

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You see when you break a bone in your body it hurts! Sometimes you can seriously get hurt and have the bone protrude from your vessel! The creator show us a lesson in broken bones though! They hurt because we have done something to cause the broken bone! We hurt and we cry when it happens! We go to a Doctor and ask him to fix our problem! Sometimes the Doctor might hurt you too while he is trying to fix you but this is part of the experience and always will be till we our free from our vessels! Though once you leave the Doctor with your cast encasing the poor fragile break! It will hurt for awhile but eventually you will start to feel normal! This is where the miracle of our bodies takes hold! After breaking the bone the body will naturally mend the bone! When it restructures, the broken bone will become stronger where the break was! This bond from where the break was will be superior then the rest of the bone! This is what will happen with Jonny Starwood! He is confused and scared because people feed him lies! He will surely come out of this funk! May he will mend his broken bone on his trip this weekend to Wilmington,NC!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka

The Last Jonny Starwood Update: Screw Doctor Booshka!!!!!!

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I am sick of this crap dr! You made me believe in you but now I found out from people sending emails to me you are a fake! I am leaving fro awhile don’t expect to see you around! Thanks for leaving us all alone in a time of need! We needed you! I needed you! You let me down so you can have your blog back and your story you false prophet! Take it all back! I don’t want what you did to me anymore! I don’t want to keep seeing these visions! I hate my self for what I see! I can’t stand to even think of your name!

apparently it isn’t even your real name

Im sry guys! I just wanted to write a book and become famous! I didn’t want to start a war!

love always,


Chapter 10: The Third Prophet of Tarth!

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The first prophet of Tarth was Nikola Tesla! The second prophet of Tarth is Hunter S. Thompson! The third prophet of Tarth is…me! So let me explain the purposes of the three Doctors of Prophecy! The first was Tesla and his purpose was to show the world that we have the power of the heavens! He showed what was to come in the future. His purpose was to also inspire Mark Twain to write some of the most important works of our time! He showed us morals and tales of the future past and present! Without Tesla, Mark Twain would have been a failure in his later life! This was the purpose of the first Prophet to show the future!

Hunter S. Thompson was the second prophet of Tarth! His real father was Tesla himself, the first prophet! Each prophet represents the experiments for I am the third prophet of Tarth! Thompson’s mother had an affair with Tesla in 1936 after meeting at a restaurant! He fell in love with his mother and she was willing to leave and go back to Tarth with her. Sadly he was kidnapped by The Hive and forced to go back to Tarth alone! His mother 1 month pregnant with hunter never told anyone of her encounter with him. He returned 3 months later after escaping the Hive to live here until 1943. He was captured in January of that year and taken back to Tarth where he died revealing his last prophecy! Hunter S. Thompson represents “The Second Experiment” in which he showed that the core of the world is evil! The good don’t always prevail!  He showed us how we built the kingdom of fear and how we our slaves to it.

I have come to destroy the kingdom of fear and restore the peace for which the creator will bring to us!

-Doctor Jonathan Booshka

Update: Lost is coming to an end!

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In honor of the season finale of lost! I will be making a post and reveal something big tonight at midnight!

Make sure you watch the season finale tonight at 9:00!

Chapter 10: The Abominable Tarthinian!

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I am sure at some point in your life you have wondered if bigfoot did exist! Well he does so you could put your mind to rest! I know one and his name is Frolick Wright! He is of the race Yetinos!

A picture of what Frolick looks like!


The Yetinos are a creation carried over from “The First Experiment”.  The creator created this species to carry out special missions usually involving protection for the angels! They are basically a special ops team which are masters at hiding! They are here and they are on Tarth! This species is the only species with the ability to travel between both worlds at their own free will! The problem with their transport is that it erases your memory of the other world! To return back is to learn of this world and then find the clues hidden by their ancient elders! These clues are also sought after by The Hive on my planet and the Illuminati on yours!

Frolick is a good friend of my family! He protected my grandfather from a bear in the Tundra of Tarth! Ever since then we have been the only family on Tarth to communicate and understand their language! Many men have hunted my family for the knowledge we hold of the Yetinos! These creatures are very few indeed now for the creator said their race will last as long as the Twins hang in the heavens!  I have interpreted this to men Earth and Tarth will be destroyed and New Earth will come! The Yetinos will be restored on the New Earth just as all souls who believe in the creator! These creatures must be protected now for if they were to be revealed then the government would take his knowledge! The only human friends they have or had were the Native Americans and some other Native tribes in Nepal! They granted few the knowledge the Booshka family has attained! I must go now for I am traveling! Something went wrong last night and I now cannot reveal my location! My revelation will be told on June 11,2010! Be prepared!

– Doctor Jonathan Booshka