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Chapter 4: The world is out to get me!

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So I don’t really know who I am any more. Every day it seems I reveal to myself the corruption of the world and how different I am then everyone. I feel as if I don’t belong here. I am an alien on this planet! Last night I went to a party. We were blazing up on the back porch when a red Cadillac showed up. They parked down near where I had parked my car earlier. I had tried to leave earlier but to my chagrin I found my gas tank empty. So I was stuck at this party waiting on my friend Stew to bring me some gas. It seemed like there was a division at this party. We were being invaded by the Cadillac Boys and lets just say they were from a lesser part of the city if you know what I mean. They decided to go inside my friends house and roll a blunt on her moms dinning room table. This frustrated my friend who told they needed to go outside to smoke there herbs. Pissed off and drunk the Cadillac Boys decided to go down to their car drink and smoke some more and turn there music up loud. This made my friend whose house it was very angry. So she asked the strongest guy at the party who I will refer to as Samson to go handle the situation. This is where the world skewed for me. He went down there and asked politely to turn the music down. In know way were we trying to ruin there good time because we ourselves were trying to have a good time. The Cadillac Boys who thought we were trying to keep their good times from rolling decided to jump Samson. I saw someone who I thought was strong and a decent guy curl into a fetal position as 6 of the 7 Cadillac Boys begin to kick and punch Samson’s glass body. You can be a pretty tough guy and fight of 6 people but when you have 6 drunks its almost impossible to fend off. The situation was out of hand till the leader of the Cadillac Boys shot his gun in the air almost to let everyone know he was in control of the situation. The boys got in there caddy and rolled off in the distance shooting of guns out of their car as we all hid behind our own cars. Is this the world we live in? I don’t even know how Dr. Booshka saved his world from the Hive and yet I am so helpless to my own. How can I save my world? Can anyone save Earth?


A day in the life of Jonny Starwood!!!

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Today is a new day I feel. I don’t really know if this is my destiny but for now I will play along. So here is the life of Jonny Starwood, well at least a glimpse.

Chapter 4: How I found the doctor or the doctor found me?

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It seems I have inherited this blog from some crazy nut job who thinks he is a doctor. Sounds like this guy needs to take his medication. What the hell am I suppose to do here? Does he want me to say the world we be a better place if you believe in your dreams. I don’t think the world is like that. It seems all my dreams just get dashed by greedy people trying to suck people souls dry. Everyone is out for themselves and who cares if the world blows up on the way we are all going to die. I guess for the sake of this mans dying wish I will try to do my best to write on this blog. Maybe the world just needs more Dr. Booshkas and less of The Hive?

-Jonny Starwood

This is not the End

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To all who have thus far followed the tale of my beloved friend Dr. Booshka,

Keep the hope alive. The Hive is coming for me because I am Dr. Booshkas accomplice. I cannot continue to help this blog out. I have sent Dr. Booshkas journal to people in your world. If Jonny Starwood doesn’t continue this blog someone else will. We are in dire times here in Tarth. This connection to your world will be shut down. I cannot let The Hive get a hold of Booshkas Computer. If they were to get there hands on it your world would be in trouble. The Hive has plans of crossing into your world in order to take it over. Some scholars in your world believe The Hive has already been traveling to your world for sometime now. I think Dr. Booshka is still alive somewhere. Keep the hope alive. Jonny Starwood if your out there I hope that you pick up where Dr. Booshka left us. He believed in you for some reason and that means something,

-Professor Zimmerman

P.S. Here is a photo of Dr. Jonathan Booshkas Funeral. His beloved hat will be protected here in Academia.

A Spirit was Caught on Film at his Ceremony!

A Spirit was Caught on Film at his Ceremony!

Chapter 3: Obituary for Dr. Jonathan Booshka

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He was a great man! He lived a quiet life until the end. He realized in order to save the world he had to sacrifice him self. His self-righteous act caused The Hives grid to collapse last night. When Dr. Booshka stepped into the main grid and took all the energy being used to fuel The Hives stations across Tarth he opened up Portals. These portals popped up all over the world. They are too weak right now to do anything but I assume The Hive is already working on opening there portal. So far Academia knows of three portals that have opened. One in Academia, one in The Hive’s Main Infrastructure and one in a small town in Kalinornia. We will remember Dr. Booshka here at Academia for he truly unlocked the potential to travel to your world. If there is portals opening in our world most likely they will be opening in your world too.

I was asked to type this last blog for Dr. Booshka. Here is his final post…sadly:

Dear Earth,

Keep the hope alive. Your world will be saved just like my world will be. We are in this together even if you don’t believe in my world. There is no doubt in my mind that The Hive will make there way to your world if they haven’t already. You must arm yourself with the most powerful weapon you can: the mind. Your ideas and thoughts can change your world. All you have to do is use it. You have the power to create and destroy, which will you choose. When your standing at the edge of life and death and you look behind you and see your life. What will you see? A life of someone who will be respected for living an honorable life and enjoying it or someone who destroyed his and others lives. I hope you make a wise choice. Remember life is a cycle and out of death comes life and life death. I finally understand my destiny I can only hope I choose the right destiny. This is my final blog.

Yours in Truth,

Dr. Jonathan Booshka

P.S. I have arranged in my departing someone to update my blog for me. Starting tomorrow Jonny Starwood will be taking over “Dr. Booshka and the Electric Circus”.

Chapter 3: The Death of Dr. Jonathan Booshka

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This is the end of my world. I can no longer obey the hive and do as they command. I am not a lackey in this semi-governmental militia. Work is not the solution to life and drugs can’t numb the pain. Life is real and is around us always. We choose to destroy ourselves because we are led blindly to our own destruction by the hive. Can we not ask ourselves why we allow our hunger for money and fame to overcome our lives. What is the purpose of living a life so mundane. We have the ability to enjoy life and to embrace love. Why do we hate ourselves and our world. We tend to blame the world we live in but its the people that make a place what it is. I can no longer stand to see me brothers and sisters become slaves to the hive and wither away as it sucks the marrow of life dry from them. That is why by the time you read this I will most likely be dead. I will sacrifice my self because if I have to sell me soul to the hive I would rather die with my secrets then waste away in a cell for years. It is my destiny to do this. I am overloading the core of the hive which uses the natural energy being emitted from Tarths core. This should overload the system used by The Hive to power all there stations and cause The Hive to crumble or I will die in vain. Good Luck Brothers and Sisters of the Knowing. If you have been reading to this point you now know who I am. Remember my name because I will be back. Death is infinite in its beauty. The last great experiment!


Update: A New Hope of Sorts!

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I have found that my colleagues working with me are some I am familiar with. It seems The Hive is kidnapping scientists and free thinkers across Tarth in order to build their new world. There plan is to use this army they have been creating to topple our own new world democracy. This world had finally seen peace and now its going to be destroyed by something more evil than I could have ever imagined. Good thing I still hold hope in the few of the knowing. Someone who I have known for awhile Professor Zimmerman is here with me and we are working on something the big that could take down the hive more information as it comes. Keep the hope alive for our world because your worlds fate lies in our worlds redemption.

-Dr. Booshka