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The Jonny Starwood Update #1: I have moved on!

Posted in Updates on August 16, 2009 by QCSP

So now the Dr. Booshka is back we will be sharing this blog together. I hope that doesn’t confuse you but that is how we are doing it. I don’t know if I can accept the fact that he is real. For so long everything I believed in seemed false and to idealistic but now I feel a sense of freedom. It also really scares me. If he is real then is he still just a whack job or is his message of Apocalypse true. I guess that’s why I want to follow Dr. Booshka. Its the hope that what I believe in isn’t false. Maybe I believe in him because he believes in me. Even my own dad doesn’t believe in me. How can I still have hope in myself. Dr. Booshka is my hope. He is the hope that I can dream a better world and live in it too. I think maybe if more people believed in what Dr. Booshka had to say maybe the world would be a little bit better. Thank you Dr. Booshka for coming back. We need you!

-Jonny Starwood


Chapter 6: A Current Event with Dr. Booshka

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I have made it to your world! Currently I am traveling in China on my way to Russia. I am spreading the word that I have discovered as truth. Your world is in doom! I know why I am suppose to be here at least at this time. We can save the world but all it takes is your help. Jonny Starwood has created a forum by my request. I ask you to use your imagination and create a new world. You are the generation that is going to face the real chance of apocalypse. The count down is 2012. That is the year we have to create a new world. Its all in your hands. Follow Jonny Starwood and I as we venture down the rabbit hole into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. The quest for the veritas box is our destiny. We hold the key but you are the lantern.

-Dr. Booshka

Update:Electric Circus 2.0

Posted in Updates on August 15, 2009 by QCSP

We now have a forum up! This forum is an invite to everyone with a story. Come by and not only read Dr. Booshka but create a charachter in my world or creat your own parrallel world. Its not just shut off to writing but you can talk about music and art and share your own media. Join Dr. Booshkas Electric Circus and be a part of something huge!

Join Dr. Booshkas Psychomilitia

Join Dr. Booshkas Psychomilitia

Update: He Exists!

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The great Dr. Booshka proclaims life from the dead! Is this a fraud or is the good Doctor back in. I don’t know but my life keeps getting crazy. Today I listened to a lecture on Quantum Physics as if it were mozart and dwelled into my thought process. My father thinks I am manic depressive because my mind runs. He doesn’t realize I am a dreamer. My dad nor anyone is going to change who I want to be. Im not crazy I just have faith in imagination. I believe in a good story. Is life just not one big story. If we can’t enjoy something so crazy that it just might be true, then there is not excitement.  I believe in Dr.Booshka for the sake of adventure. Why can’t I Jonny Starwood of all people be somebody. I want to be a part of something that is so much bigger than me. Its not about me anyway. I have come to the same conclusion to every question about metaphysicality it equals death. We all die! We all die alone! The only we can take with us the love we gained while we here. Story is my love and my life and I will live this story. Even if Dr. Booshka is someone playing a joke on me I will believe in him because he represents who I want to be. Someone I can look too and have faith because I lost hope in religion along time ago. I have no faith but Dr. Booshka gives me faith. I will stop rambling now. Seems my brain can’t stop anymore. I am going to go dream and then fall asleep.

-J. Starwood

Chapter 5: A Word of Hope

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I now have faith that Dr.Booshka is alive. I have been shown pictures by an agency called The Knowing which show Dr.Booshka in France. Also they showed another picture of Dr. Booshka in Nepal. Things are getting really weird for me right now. What if everything that Dr.Booshka enigmatically left behind for us was true. If so we are in great peril. I can only urge you to continue to follow this story as it unfolds. Let me leave you with this: Dream is Destiny!

-Jonny Starwood

Chapter 5: A Night in Jail with a Prophecy

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I spent last night in the Cabarus County Detention Center.  I was locked up by myself to suffer unto myself. I waited for hours till my dad picked me up. I’m sure parents love the call to find out that their kid is in jail. I hated my self and I thought terrible things. Until though I had a vision of the future. We are all on a tidal wave riding out on the last of the generation before us. Now we are entering a new era because this wave has been built up and its about to crash. We all have the opportunity to become who we want to be. That is what I encourage. Be yourself and  let your dreams become your destiny. Dr. Booshka if you are out there please come back we need you more than ever!!!

-Jonny Starwood

How Doctor Booshka Died or How I was Reborn?

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