I am the scribe!

I guess Dr. Booshka owes his moderate success from me. I am of course the famous author J.E. Weaver. If you haven’t read my books then you are among the majority. I haven’t wrote a book ever. I think maybe its because I as an author am scared of the fear. So out of my fear I write. Dr. Booshka is the one man who gave me hope in my ideas. Im writing a sermon for the lost. I see the future and I think through Dr. Booshka we can achieve the dream that we have all been dreaming. The dream of freedom. If you dream of being free from your dead end job or your wasteful life then follow me as I follow Dr. Booshka. In the sense of following I mean read my articles and posts. I am currently writing the book for Dr. Booshka so I will update this blog with excerpts from the book. Remember the name J.E. Weaver!

Excerpt Chapter 1: Introductions and Goodbyes

Hello there! I am J.E. Weaver. I am the person who is going to guide you through Dr. Booshka’s world. At various times through this story I will put my own input on things. I am telling you this so it won’t confuse you. I want you to take this book somewhere safe and just believe in the story. Dr. Booshka has has explained to me how to write this book. In every way detailed in his journals waiting for someone to reveal his world. I cannot explain to you properly who Dr. Booshka is because as I write this book I do not know exactly who he is either. I hope that as Dr. Booshka shows me his world and reveals to me what to write, you will follow. Follow me down the rabbit hole to a place where on the imagination can grasp what its like. So let us begin this journey as so many other witers have begun there stories:

Once upon a time in a world far far away lived a boy. He lived with his mother and father on the planet Tarth. Down below the stars, below the gasses making up Tarth’s atmosphere was the boy Dr. Booshka gazing up with his dad at the stars far off in other worlds. “You see that star there, Jon! Thats the brightest star in our whole galaxy Polarium”, explained Professor Booshka. “One day dad I am going to go to Polarium and wave back to you dad. So when you look at those other worlds you can see me waving back to you! I hope you do that son. My hope is that one day it won’t be just you waving back but millions of people waving back. One day son you will be up in the stars. That for sure is not just a dream of mine but a prophecy. “Dad I know you will,” whispered the little Booshka.

Dr. Booshka watched his dad create his planets first space program. He grew up from the little boy who watched his dad dream and succede to attending the most prestigious school in his country, Academia. This was more than just a school it was a Town of Knowledge as they called it. This was where people from all around the world of Tarth would come to study and create. Most inventors of the world go there to train. Dr. Booshka’s father was an inventor too who attented this school. In fact the whole reason Dr. Booshka got accepted to this school was to become an inventor like his dad and to help furthur his fathers research. This is not what Dr. Booshkas wanted in his life. He was a dreamer and dreamed of being an explorer of different worlds and writing books. He was not fascinated with building rockets too circle Tarth and give people with money the chance to get a cool picture. The thing with writers in his world is that it is illegal to write unless it is a text book. Free thought is shunned by his societies religious government. The Hive got there name from finding an ancient metal box hidden under a mountain. The words Hive was written everywhere and documents and ways to live life were found. It was almost like thats what sparked our knowledge revolution in Emerica. This is the name the Tarthians have come to call their nation since it was written in the metal box to call it that. Its still a very controversial subject among Tarthian because they believe in freedom. They think the ideas of The Hive are too severe…


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