Jonny Starwood Update #3: Live from the Wasteland!

I realize what Dr. Booshka wanted me to know. He wants me to be the person to realize that our world is doomed. I don’t know how I can save it but I do know I am going to try. This whole thing has come from a dream I once had as a child. I dreamed of a man coming out of the ground and chasing me. He chased me into the woods. I became lost in the woods and kept crying for my mother. I felt scared because I think the woods scared me but it was more so of the fact of being alone without my mother. In a sense I think the man who has been chasing me this whole time is Dr. Booshka and I must learn to not be scared. I am learning and I hope you follow our adventure. Also I will be leaving to go out of town for awhile you might not hear from me because I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I will stop in every town and update you on my adventures along the trail. I think maybe I will find myself out there or die. Either/or its still better than being here stuck in Indianland!

-Jonny Starwood


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