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Jonny Starwood Update #3: Live from the Wasteland!

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I realize what Dr. Booshka wanted me to know. He wants me to be the person to realize that our world is doomed. I don’t know how I can save it but I do know I am going to try. This whole thing has come from a dream I once had as a child. I dreamed of a man coming out of the ground and chasing me. He chased me into the woods. I became lost in the woods and kept crying for my mother. I felt scared because I think the woods scared me but it was more so of the fact of being alone without my mother. In a sense I think the man who has been chasing me this whole time is Dr. Booshka and I must learn to not be scared. I am learning and I hope you follow our adventure. Also I will be leaving to go out of town for awhile you might not hear from me because I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I will stop in every town and update you on my adventures along the trail. I think maybe I will find myself out there or die. Either/or its still better than being here stuck in Indianland!

-Jonny Starwood


The Jonny Starwood Update #2: Stuck in the Wasteland!

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Ever feel like your just stuck here waiting on the side of some highway waiting to be picked up. That’s the way I felt last night when we got pulled for going 90 in a 60. We weren’t the smartest but we were having fun. I think that’s the beauty of life. Its having fun while we are waiting on that ride to take us out of this wasteland. Maybe one day Dr. Booshka will take me for a ride and safe me from doom. I don’t think I can stand to live here any more. I am not the same I am an Alien!