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The Jonny Starwood Update #1: I have moved on!

Posted in Updates on August 16, 2009 by QCSP

So now the Dr. Booshka is back we will be sharing this blog together. I hope that doesn’t confuse you but that is how we are doing it. I don’t know if I can accept the fact that he is real. For so long everything I believed in seemed false and to idealistic but now I feel a sense of freedom. It also really scares me. If he is real then is he still just a whack job or is his message of Apocalypse true. I guess that’s why I want to follow Dr. Booshka. Its the hope that what I believe in isn’t false. Maybe I believe in him because he believes in me. Even my own dad doesn’t believe in me. How can I still have hope in myself. Dr. Booshka is my hope. He is the hope that I can dream a better world and live in it too. I think maybe if more people believed in what Dr. Booshka had to say maybe the world would be a little bit better. Thank you Dr. Booshka for coming back. We need you!

-Jonny Starwood