Update: He Exists!

The great Dr. Booshka proclaims life from the dead! Is this a fraud or is the good Doctor back in. I don’t know but my life keeps getting crazy. Today I listened to a lecture on Quantum Physics as if it were mozart and dwelled into my thought process. My father thinks I am manic depressive because my mind runs. He doesn’t realize I am a dreamer. My dad nor anyone is going to change who I want to be. Im not crazy I just have faith in imagination. I believe in a good story. Is life just not one big story. If we can’t enjoy something so crazy that it just might be true, then there is not excitement.  I believe in Dr.Booshka for the sake of adventure. Why can’t I Jonny Starwood of all people be somebody. I want to be a part of something that is so much bigger than me. Its not about me anyway. I have come to the same conclusion to every question about metaphysicality it equals death. We all die! We all die alone! The only we can take with us the love we gained while we here. Story is my love and my life and I will live this story. Even if Dr. Booshka is someone playing a joke on me I will believe in him because he represents who I want to be. Someone I can look too and have faith because I lost hope in religion along time ago. I have no faith but Dr. Booshka gives me faith. I will stop rambling now. Seems my brain can’t stop anymore. I am going to go dream and then fall asleep.

-J. Starwood


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