Chapter 5: A Night in Jail with a Prophecy

I spent last night in the Cabarus County Detention Center.  I was locked up by myself to suffer unto myself. I waited for hours till my dad picked me up. I’m sure parents love the call to find out that their kid is in jail. I hated my self and I thought terrible things. Until though I had a vision of the future. We are all on a tidal wave riding out on the last of the generation before us. Now we are entering a new era because this wave has been built up and its about to crash. We all have the opportunity to become who we want to be. That is what I encourage. Be yourself and  let your dreams become your destiny. Dr. Booshka if you are out there please come back we need you more than ever!!!

-Jonny Starwood


2 Responses to “Chapter 5: A Night in Jail with a Prophecy”

  1. dude, i am loving your work.

    • drbooshka Says:

      Thank you so much. I think I am on the brink of a story that could become something more. I need to come to Iceland soon!!!!!!!!

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