Chapter 4: The world is out to get me!

So I don’t really know who I am any more. Every day it seems I reveal to myself the corruption of the world and how different I am then everyone. I feel as if I don’t belong here. I am an alien on this planet! Last night I went to a party. We were blazing up on the back porch when a red Cadillac showed up. They parked down near where I had parked my car earlier. I had tried to leave earlier but to my chagrin I found my gas tank empty. So I was stuck at this party waiting on my friend Stew to bring me some gas. It seemed like there was a division at this party. We were being invaded by the Cadillac Boys and lets just say they were from a lesser part of the city if you know what I mean. They decided to go inside my friends house and roll a blunt on her moms dinning room table. This frustrated my friend who told they needed to go outside to smoke there herbs. Pissed off and drunk the Cadillac Boys decided to go down to their car drink and smoke some more and turn there music up loud. This made my friend whose house it was very angry. So she asked the strongest guy at the party who I will refer to as Samson to go handle the situation. This is where the world skewed for me. He went down there and asked politely to turn the music down. In know way were we trying to ruin there good time because we ourselves were trying to have a good time. The Cadillac Boys who thought we were trying to keep their good times from rolling decided to jump Samson. I saw someone who I thought was strong and a decent guy curl into a fetal position as 6 of the 7 Cadillac Boys begin to kick and punch Samson’s glass body. You can be a pretty tough guy and fight of 6 people but when you have 6 drunks its almost impossible to fend off. The situation was out of hand till the leader of the Cadillac Boys shot his gun in the air almost to let everyone know he was in control of the situation. The boys got in there caddy and rolled off in the distance shooting of guns out of their car as we all hid behind our own cars. Is this the world we live in? I don’t even know how Dr. Booshka saved his world from the Hive and yet I am so helpless to my own. How can I save my world? Can anyone save Earth?


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