This is not the End

To all who have thus far followed the tale of my beloved friend Dr. Booshka,

Keep the hope alive. The Hive is coming for me because I am Dr. Booshkas accomplice. I cannot continue to help this blog out. I have sent Dr. Booshkas journal to people in your world. If Jonny Starwood doesn’t continue this blog someone else will. We are in dire times here in Tarth. This connection to your world will be shut down. I cannot let The Hive get a hold of Booshkas Computer. If they were to get there hands on it your world would be in trouble. The Hive has plans of crossing into your world in order to take it over. Some scholars in your world believe The Hive has already been traveling to your world for sometime now. I think Dr. Booshka is still alive somewhere. Keep the hope alive. Jonny Starwood if your out there I hope that you pick up where Dr. Booshka left us. He believed in you for some reason and that means something,

-Professor Zimmerman

P.S. Here is a photo of Dr. Jonathan Booshkas Funeral. His beloved hat will be protected here in Academia.

A Spirit was Caught on Film at his Ceremony!

A Spirit was Caught on Film at his Ceremony!


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